Sunday, May 13, 2012

Summer is HERE (and new Brooks shoes)

Summer is here! The photo on the left is from our garden and was taken very late in the afternoon with cell phone, of all things. Phone cameras are getting pretty darn good!

 This was a pretty great week considering it's only the 2nd week after running Eugene. A very fast recovery for me.

Saturday I took it easier as I felt a bit tired and did a short run of 3+ miles..

I noticed my Brooks were feeling pretty harsh during the week and especially on this run. I looked up the miles I have on's almost 400 and the nobbles are almost gone under the midfoot. I was also starting to feel a bit of a hotspot on the midfoot. So Saturday went  and bought a new pair of Brooks Launches.

Ahhh cushy again. Sunday morning went out and felt great in them:

Split Dist Pace HR % WHR Cad YPB
1 1.0 9:41 111.0 52.5 87.0 1.637
2 1.0 9:08 125.0 64.2 88.0 1.542
3 1.0 9:04 126.0 65.0 88.0 1.541
4 1.0 9:20 125.0 64.2 88.0 1.509
5 1.0 9:25 124.0 63.3 87.0 1.507
6 1.0 9:05 126.0 65.0 88.0 1.538
7 0.41 8:51 127.0 65.8 88.0 1.564
Sum 6.41 9:15 123.0 62.5 87.7 1.546

After this run went to a park in Saratoga for a BBQ picnic combined with a group 'scavenger' or 'treasure' hunt. This involved clue solving mixed with some trail running and hiking to the tune of another 3-4 miles with 1000' feet of switchbacks...none of this with a Garmin of course and not included in the stats below.

 It was a really nice day in in the low 70s and clear. I ate a lot of food afterward but it was worth it 8)

Summary for the week, 5 runs:

Total hours: 04:21:59
Total miles:  27.9
Ave Pace:     9:22
Elev Gain:   185.9
Elev Loss:   191.5
Ave BPM:     122.4
Ave Cad:      87.4
Yards/beat:  1.53

This week we will up the miles again but still keep the HRs sub 130-125.  You can 
see my 7 runs since the marathon(big spike at about -15 days) on the 90 day graph below. I have kept the HR down low for now (60-70% WHR, green)


  1. Nothing more fun than a pair of new running shoes :).

    Glad the recovery for you went fast and you're ready to roll again!

  2. Pretty good photo with you camera photo phone!

    I am on currently looking for a new pair of running shoes. I know its weird, but I don't like arch support so my choices are limited.

    Are the Brooks Launch your normal shoes or did you make a different selection?

    1. I have high arches and don't like arch support either.

      I used the Launches for my Eugene training ..I like them. For over a year before that I was running in Nike Frees and Saucony Kinvaras...but eventually I realized they didn't have enough forefoot cushioning for me.

  3. Almost everyone I know seems to be changing to Brooks right now :-)

    I'm not due new trainers until after Berlin and wish it was sooner. I too love the cushy feeling of new trainers!

  4. You've been busy after the marathon. Glad your recovery is going so well. I'm also in new shoes and it feels soooo good.

  5. Good recovery it sounds like to me. Enjoy the new kicks.

  6. running shoes!! Nothing like your first "have a go run" in them...

    sounds like you are recovering quite nicely and ready to tackle some more races...good for you!!!

    Thanks for your support on my post btw...I really appreciated your words ;)

  7. Hi Paul - I am Lynne's friend, Ciry. I am following your blog now. I am a BIG Brooks fan. I run with Brooks Ravenna 3. Last weekend, I purchased the Brooks PureFlow which has only a 4mm heel-toe drop vs 10 mm. I was surprised about the cushioning. It was love at first run :) I am taking it easy with the PureFlow since I am new to minimalist shoes. But so far so good!

    1. Hi Ciry - nice to meet you. Yes, I like these kinds of shoes too...for shorter runs and non-speedwork to build up the leg/feet muscles.

      Are you going to become a Marathon Maniac? I think Lynne said you were doing two pretty close in time so that would get you in..8)

    2. I joined the MM club on May 8th, after running RnR Madrid on 4/22 and the OC Marathon on 5/5, 14 days later. I am Maniac #5389 :-)I can't wait to get the MM shirt!!

    3. Ooops, OC Marathon was on 5/6


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