Sunday, May 06, 2012

Eugene + 1 week, final thoughts.

Saturday I ran 4.8 @ 9:41 and Sunday 8.8 @ 10:08. I felt happy to be running again in bright sunshine and warm weather...a great day out here.

I have recovered well, but I could tell I'm still tired from the race in subtle ways,  so I went slowly and just enjoyed puttering along at a slow pace. A 10:00 pace is a fine speed to see the world and think whatever thoughts pop into our head. 

The bib #B1781  and medal are now up on my wall-of-running. This is in the master bath on the outside of a short wall that embeds the double sinks. The great thing is that a casual observer would not see it from the hallway since its hidden., but I can see it easily.

I don't have a medal rack or anything, I just use pushpins to stick the ribbons into the drywall. (I'm quite able to spackle and paint someday) 

On the lower right are the pace bands from CIM and Eugene...couldn't throw them away yet 8)

Soon I'll put up the maps for my next races. Toni will comment if she doesn't see a new map for the next race go up eventually ;)


So, what's is next? I have the SF to Napa Ragnar Relay in Sept 14-15 and the Berlin Marathon 2 weeks later on the 30th. The Relay will be the equivalent of my last long run before the Marathon, although Jill has warned me it will leave me *way* more tired. But that's ok, it will be some high quality running so we'll just get some high quality rest in the week after.

Just to keep perspective, Berlin is 21 weeks from today. I will be well trained for it but most likely not in PR shape. Assuming reasonable weather, my goal would be 4:00 and 4:05 (or to pace Lynne at whatever pace she wants to shoot for) and take a huge boat-load of pictures of this cool city and race!

I wouldn't mind doing some shorter races for a change in the next few months too ;)


Meanwhile, just base running for 3-4 weeks. 

I'm exploring the options for swim coaching. Swimming is about the most form-intensive sport you can do and I so need some coaching to get me doing it properly (Sorry Jill, but for this beginning phase I think I need some live eyeballs helping with immediate feedback). I want a coach that is going to teach specifically for triathlon swimming.

I've also researched a good place to get a bike fit..which I've never had done. And I've also researched which bike trainer mount I'm going to get. I want to be able to really wail the quality rides with the bike in the trainer and not have to worry about getting mashed by a car. Then the road miles I will do riding to/from work on bike paths and on Sunday mornings when the traffic is very low.

I probably will sign up for an olympic distance tri eventually  (that's 1.5 km swim, 40km ride, 10k run)  Shorter than  just isn't worth all the gear hassles if you ask me...its all transitions.

It's not going to be easy to find one with an ocean swim, which I also want to do. The best ones are down in Santa Cruz (natch!) and one of them is while I'm away in Berlin time frame. I may have to shoot for next year but I'm sure I can get a good chunk of technique down this summer. I have a couple of friends at work that could do an ocean swim with me down at S.Cruz. and there is a local club that holds practice swim/5k runs at a nice lake. 

A lot to keep me busy. I'm a bit lazy getting going on the swim / bike usual, but I've set myself a goal to get more solid in other sports besides running and I have no excuse now after nailing CIM and Eugene. 


Hope everybody had fun at the races today! 

I peeked and saw that Jeff did pretty well for a mongo hilly and warm (up to 80F at the end for him? ) race ....Flying Pig....we'll have to wait for the RR.


  1. Thanks for the comment! Heat was not bad but those hills were something! Looking forward to relaxing and then starting recovery runs like you are :-)

  2. PS: just read your letter to first time marathoners. I wish I had found it yesterday! I am saving that link and the next I do a marathon I a, definitely reading it again!

  3. I love your wall of fame, looks like the prefect spot for your hard earned awards. I never save my bibs, but now that they are becoming a little more colorful, maybe I'll have to save least the pretty ones. My medals hang on my closet door until the end of the year, then I take a picture of them all and put them away in a plastic baggie and start from scratch at the new year.

    Definitely agree that you need someone to monitor your swim stroke and get you more efficient. I was only joking....though I have done some online swimming coaching for a triathlon client who was well rounded in all sports.

    I wish you nothing but huge successes with all your upcoming adventures! :)

  4. That is a cool running wall. I gotta do that when I collect enough stuff for it.

    Hey, so you are going to train for a triathlon. You will have fun. At least you have awesome running base.

  5. We definitely think differently about tris. I wouldn't even consider anything longer than a sprint at this point. Yikes! And an ocean swim No way No way No way!
    Love your wall!

  6. WOW!! What a wall! Oh to have that many day I hope.

    I am looking very much forward to running with you in Berlin :-)

    I was thinking of sub 4 but don't think I can keep the pace needed for that so then I thought around 4 hours 15 minutes would be fine and I'll still get a new PR then :-)

    1. You will have that many medals! Eventually more than me!
      Did you see the CPH map under the Eugene map? Left it up since it's such good cardboard rather than paper.

      4:15 sounds like a good step up..not to much but do-able...assuming Berlin isn't too hot... a 9:44 m/m pace!

    2. I spotted the CPH map and medal straightaway :-)

      2 weeks after Berlin I'm going to run a local coast marathon not far from my home and then I can join the Marathon Maniacs as well!

      I think I can run Berlin in 4:15 as it's you say 'assuming it's not hot'. I've been there once before and it's an amazing city! You're going to get some GREAT photos :-)

  7. Nice stuff! Love your wall of running. Mine is all over the house and most is packed away. Hehe...I love that you think shorter tri's are not worth it!

  8. Very nice running wall. The few that I have a squirreled away somewhere.... Looking forward to the Berlin pics.

  9. i love the medals display, i have one in my office and it just makes me happy to see those every day! congrats on another marathon!

  10. That SF to Napa relay should be a great time. And the Berlin marathon should be awesome as well! I remember watching the 2009 World Championships in Berlin, the marathoners run under the Brandenburg Gate multiple times, it looked really awesome.

    Impressive that you are taking on swimming and biking now, I just don't have the patience for learning to swim correctly - I have a hard enough time trying to run correctly!

  11. I love the wall of running! Good luck with the tri training. I had good luck with a bike fit at Calmar in San Jose (second place I tried post bike knee injury.) I went to Odie. Someone in my biking group recommended him to me and I was impressed.


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