Friday, May 04, 2012

No photos from Eugene?

A black mark for BazuSports...not _one_ single photo of me in this race. That is a first.  I emailed them and they said:

"Sorry! perhaps search photos for people that finished next to you and if you find yourself in the photo let us know and we'll send it to you for free.."

So I spent a while looking ..and discovered 70% of the people with finishing times near mine also had no photos..and those that did had finish line photos mostly. A few people had a photo from another point too.

So sucky photos. I remember not seeing may photogs out I know why: there weren't any!

I did manage to take a screen shot of the finish line video and crop myself out of that. So I have one very very low res photo 8/ (see previous postings)

On the plus side, Eugene did have great Headsweats embroidered hats (and I always wear hats with my fair skin and blue eyes). And it was even in blue, not just the usual white!

They had different hats for the half and the full and different colors for each. Nice!

I took a picture of this banner hanging in the airport near my many cites would have that? 

I have not run...yet...but I felt ready to go for a run on Thursday. No aches and pains or soreness. This is the fastest recovery EVER.

Tomorrow morning we'll be back in the saddle for a 5 miler @ easy base! 


  1. Bummer about not having any pictures, especially at your PR race. That finish line photo will do though.

  2. That stinks.

    Five miles -- oh to be able to right now.

  3. I totally hear you on the photos! I did get a few, but I know there was a photographer facing me head on at the finish - but no photo?? And I don't like that you can't browse through lost and found - or really browse at all. I did look up the people that finished around me -- nothing. Very disappointing!

  4. Bummer! Well, at least you got some great shots of the race. I know it is not that same for you to get a photo of yourself running though.

  5. I've had a couple races where no photos were to be found of me. I like to look at them to see how my form looks and if it changes from mid race to finish (like that's a given). Sorry they didn't get any of you in Eugene but that hat is really cool! Love the blue color!


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