Monday, December 28, 2009

A Stake in the Ground..

I've had a pretty spotty running schedule due to a nasty series of colds that have been hammering both Toni and I (and everybody it seems).

Good to give the legs a break though.

Toward that end I've also experimented with several kinds of cross-training at my gym. Michele, my co-worker has been teaching me 'crossfit' training (he's become quite good at it himself), which is sort of a mix of aerobic exercises, some with weights. The squats you do for this are really good for me(I think.) All of the exercises are based on natural moves.

I've also been using the elliptical, stairmaster, bikes, etc. I don't like them as much as running out on the roads, but it does allow you ramp up the heart rate to a very fast pace equivalent without stressing out your muscles/joints/tendons like fast running does.

And, of course the gym is good when it's raining.

But now I'm ready to start mileage base-building..and so there's been some noodling over which races to shoot for. I really want to do a better job peaking for races this year.

Here's a plan:

Feb: Pasadena 1/2 marathon, to be done as a training run, no PR, probably 9:00-ish pace (hilly course).

April: Santa Cruz 1/2 marathon (train for PR, sub 8:30 pace) I love this course. My friend Martha is also signed up.

May: Eugene Marathon! A flat course that's also good for spectators.

I could also do SFM with this schedule since it's not until July 25th, which gives me almost 3 months between marathons...but not really committing to that yet.