Friday, September 19, 2014


It's been over a month since I've posted......I'm still not completely healed up from my PF strain but, I am steadily getting better. I am doing heel drops (there was just an article about them in the ny times science section...testing has shown this works for PF) and also using a small wood ball on the bottom of my foot to keep the healed up tissues from being too stiff and tight (a vicious cycle that causes another pull if you aren't careful apparently)

Meanwhile I have done a very little bit of running, a ton of stationary biking and a lot of weight training to keep my muscles up (and weight stable below 170).

At this point my focus is on being able to show up at Chicago at all and enjoy the day. I will walk-run it and probably take over 5 hours just to be safe. I ran about this pace when I did my untrained marathon double and it was ok. 

I realized (after the injury) my right leg and foot were very stiff from all the heavy training..that combined with being very tired and losing coordination on that tempo run day caused the strain.

I have learned for next time that I really should be using the small foot ball to stretch out the tissues of the PF after each run..part of my post run foam roller routine.

I also realized my Kinvara's are a bit firm for cushioning. Nothing wrong with that but I probably should be using a softer shoe on days when I'm feeling beat-up. I got a pair of Brookes Pure Flows and they are like marshmallows compared to the K's.

The good news is that I'll have time to take lots of photos during the Chicago Marathon...;)