Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sunday: Oakland Marathon (#31)!

Yup, it's coming up this Sunday!

I have been dealing with a right leg issue..super tight muscles both front and back and this almost caused me to DNS this race. I did some work on my hip flexors and this seemed to have exploded into a lot of trigger points in places I've never had them. 

Luckily,  with the help of a lot of experimentation and a really good massage person (Thanks Gail McCaffrey!) I think I can do this run.

Not a lot of running the last two months, some due to the leg problem but some due to fun trips, etc. So no fast marathon time... 

What pace? Well, the weather looks good, but the course has 500' of climbing. Given my lack of training I plan to target a 10:45 m/m on the flat, and slow down as needed climbing. I will open it up a little bit on the downs and generally just be really conservative. 

Main objectives are to enjoy the run, see Oakland and try for even splits.