My Sporting Goals

Specific for 2011:
  1. Finish SFM, Long Beach and Surf City to get California Dreamin' Jacket   DONE.
  2. Run 8 marathons in 12 months to become marathon maniac silver level.   DONE...MM #4012
  3. Run Skyline-to-the-Sea 50k Ultra as part of #2. DONE.
  4. Figure out how to ease the weight down ~10 lbs for PR attempts. 
  5. Peak for fall to get new PRs in 10k (7:50 pace?) (DONE! 7:58 pace)
  6.  "                  "                                  half (8:20 pace?) DONE! (Santa Cruz 2013)
  7.  "                  "                                   full (sub-4 hrs)    DONE! (CIM 2010, Eugene 2012)
Longer Term
  1. Run a 50 mile race.
  2. Run a double for MM 4 stars? (Done! 6/2013)
  3. Scope out a 40+ mile course around the south bay?
  4. Run the Berlin Marathon   (Done! 2012)
  5. Run the Chicago Marathon (Done! 2014)
  6. Run the New York Marathon
  7. Learn to do endurance swimming (not going well, neck flexibility is big problem)
  8. Learn to ocean swim
  9. Complete a half Ironman 
  10. Run a 12 hour race
  11. Run a 24 hour race
  12. Run the Comrades Ultra
  13. Climb Mt Whitney
  14. Climb Kilimanjaro
  15. Run a relay race, e.g. hood-to-coast
  16. Qualify for Boston i.e. run sub-3:55 after age 60. This is the hardest of all.
  1. Have fun with all goals. If it feels like stress, it's not what we want.
  2. Less is more. Don't overtrain. Better to toe the line 5% undertrained than to be injured and a no-show.
  3. Run lots of races for fun, not for PRs. Take lots of pictures, talk to people and enjoy the sheer pleasure of being able to run 26.2 miles. (Doing good!)
  4. Listen very carefully to my body and keep it happy and uninjured. (Mostly..mixed results)
  5. Combine travel and racing. (Scored with Copenhagen, Berlin and Barcelona!)