Thursday, July 18, 2013

Say WHAT?!

Did you see this?

People think I'm crazy for running a piddly two marathons back to back, but this lady supposedly ran a marathon a day for a YEAR and then even ran two on the last day...366 marathons in one year.

She did it to fight back a diagnosis of MS and apparently she's had no flare-ups even though she's not been on any meds.

I have to admit even though I've seem some pretty amazing feats out there in endurance this one takes the cake.

It does seem possible..there's a race in NYC that is run every year where you race 3000 miles on a loop course. The fastest person so far  took 42 days..which is about 70 miles a day. 

Terry Fox ran 23 miles a day for 143 days with a leg prosthetic and with cancer...even more impressive.

I suspect that the record books may not swallow this if the course was not measured and certified and there was no observer. No mention of that in the article....I would be cool if it was a new record. One article I read says she runs these mostly in around 5 hours.

Similarly , she can't be a Maniac with that streak as these were not official races with a race director supervising. (even if a measured course).

I don't think my body would be able to do that. .....but...I might be wrong.

I have no inclination to even try 8}

Sunday, July 14, 2013

July 4th trip, miles back up, one swim.

Many training interruptions due to  a fun trip to Maine over the 4th to visit my sister, brother-in-law, nephew and many many east coast friends. Now this last week it  was nice to get a full week of running in (and one swim workout).

I did get in a couple of runs done in Maine..HOT though. And a bit of swimming, too.

Date   Miles   Pace   BPM WHR%  Elev+  Elev-    YPB
2013-07-09 Tue 5.6 9:37 124.4 64.3 18.2 20.1 1.460
2013-07-10 Wed 3.0 9:17 123.5 63.5 11.6 11.8 1.559
2013-07-11 Thu 7.4 9:24 124.8 64.6 73.6 79.5 1.500
2013-07-13 Sat 5.5 9:41 123.8 63.7 17.9 18.9 1.462
2013-07-14 Sun 9.1 9:32 123.7 63.7 31.1 32.5 1.494
Summary 30.6 9:31 124.1 64.0 152.4 162.7 1.490

All base-pace MAF-style running @ 125bpm-ish. I'm gradually burning off the fresh fried clams and 'lobsta' rolls  YUM. For me 30 miles is a good baseline mileage when I'm not training specifically for any race. 

7 day smoothed mileage going UP! Now i need to find a way to keep track of my swimming....hmmm.
Still enjoying seeing the huge spike in 7-day mileages from the marathon double 8)


NO RACES SIGNED UP FOR yet! Ack!  We have more travel lined up for the fall..right in the middle of marathon build-up no PR attempts but would be nice to do a race or two. 

Perhaps a peak for the spring, then, but I will do a course I know works and should be cool...I won't waste heavy training investment for an unknown course like I did at Tacoma.


The swimming is still going well but I have a long way to go. My teacher set me free for a while to work on my form ("You know what to do.."). Right now I can identify when I'm doing the wrong things...I just have trouble fixing them all at the same time. But awareness is 80% of the battle! So I just work on each in turn, using drills etc to focus.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

2013: Halfway-through-review!

Time to look at the year so far! 

755 miles is ahead of the game for me..since I'm usually only about 1100-1200 for the year.
No injuries either.

 The next chart shows the same data except by day. You can see the long runs spiking every other week and getting longer with Tacoma at about 53 days ago. Then you can see the marathon double on the right..two 26 mile back to back with almost the same cardio mix. 

 All in all a great year so far!

Tacoma buildup was a bust on race day due to heat and too many hills but I did have a completely injury free buildup of 600+ miles of running with a shiny new 1:48:xx half marathon PR out of it. 8)

I don't have any races planned right now (gasp) so there's a bit of a cloud hanging over but I'm still working on base level running and learning swimming for now.

 On to the 2nd half of 2013!