Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Running on Point Loma

Well, it's been 13 months since my last post. Probably I've run about 1300 miles since then. Most of those miles aren't very hilly...where I live I have to run about 2 miles just to get to a decent hill. 

That's all changed recently as I'm remote working from the Sea Cliff area of San Diego...nothing but hills here! 

Virtually any medium or longer run I do has 200-500' of climbing..yikes! 

My all time fav run is down Catalina road to the end of Point Loma and back...where I'm staying this is about 8 miles round trip and 500' of climbing. Stunning views though:

That's some kind of weird Navy ship heading back into S.D. harbor. I've seen Trident subs too. The navy owns most of the land on Point Loma except for the Cabrillo State park at the end. I run early and go through the base sometimes when it turns 8am..and they play the star-spanged banner on loudspeakers in the base area ;)

There are cemeteries also lining Catalina Blvd. I was somber and sad seeing them with such stunning views. One day I happened to find a place where I could walk over to them and I discovered, happily, that not all  of them are not for people that died in combat. Many are families with the privilege of  interment at this place due to navy service by fathers.

As you can see, the mornings are almost always cloudy and that's's not really cold enough for me with temps around 70F, full sun would make it much hotter. It's also a somewhat humid air (right off the ocean after all) so there's lots more sweating than I'm used to.

The hills do seem to be making me stronger...I've been doing ok relative to others on Strava in my age group. There aren't many people here posting segment times in my age group..usually only 5 to 10.  I'm usually about 4th.  

I've taken to doing some 'segment hunting'. That's where you run an easy pace for most of your run and only when your watch tells you you're on a specific named segment do you pour on the speed. 

I think that's a totally reasonable thing to do. What is NOT reasonable is to ride a bike on a segment and claim it's a run. I'm told this happens all the time, sometimes on purpose. 


Happy Running!

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Goodbye Old Friends

Back in August 2019 I posted about my Nike Vaporfly Next 4% shoes, which I had purchased that May. 

Here we are a more than a year later, with ~700-800 miles on these shoes (out of about 1200 miles total ....I have some other shoes I used too) they've been beyond ready for retirement for a while now. 

For a long time I could not find a replacement, which is why I ran these shoes into the ground,  but finally Nike came out with the Zoom Fly 3 (bought off Nike website), which is a slightly cheaper (and I think slightly heavier) more robust replacement for the Vaporfly.

As I mentioned in a previous post, these shoes with the carbon blade innersole are fantastic, not just because you can run fast in them, but because the stress on your legs is lower....I think the higher derivatives of acceleration are reduced.  My recovery times after hard runs / high mileage are noticeably reduced.

After all those miles the foam looks pretty shot,  but even now they still have bounce! Can't say that about an old pair of Kinvara's. 

A couple of months ago I bought a pair of the Saucony entry into the carbon tech: the "Endorphin Pro", they are pretty good too, nice and light, a more traditional upper, but the carbon blade is about half as stiff as the Nike. I've probably put 150 miles on them so far.

I have run the Vaporflys on gravel and dirt  trails for many of their miles (not ideal for them) and they are quite filthy. But they held up! The soles still have plenty of black sticky rubber ...which creates the amazing 'road-tack' they have. We'll see if the Zoom Fly feels the same. 

So many good miles together! Here's the old with the new....notice 'canoe taper' on the heel foam has been reduced from the original Fly.. 

Here's a side shot of the Zoom Fly 3, Endorphin Pro and  Vaporfly Next. Notice the thicker foam on the Nikes and notice how wrinkled the Vaporfly foam is after all those miles. But the carbon is still good!

I'm supposed to do an 18 mile run tomorrow...we'll see if I'm up for it. In any case should be fun to try out the new babies.

Happy Running!