Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lifts and Pillows

My foot has been doing really well. I'm doing no icing after runs and I don't really feel it too much. The lift (placed under the running shoe innersole) seems to have really helped even out my stride....it's really obvious doing all-out hill sprints.  I did finally coat the cardboard with duct tape to make it waterproof, which has already come in handy.  Did you know you can get duct tape in colors now? I picked blue 8)

Today I was to do 5 miles at base, with drills in the middle...I had a good nights sleep and felt pretty darn good as I set out.  I have become quite fond of the drills and did them justice at mile 2.

After I started running again, heard a runner just behind me. I tried to ignore the sound of the footfalls and just do my own thing. After about a mile and a half, she passed me. My competitive urges wanted to blow by her but I have become used to ignoring all this stuff and just doing the pace I'm supposed to do (i.e. base)

I could see that the pace vs HR was pretty darn good indeed...and that made me also feel better..but I just trucked along at my HR of 125. At mile 4.75,  I heard a heavy-breathing guy closing on me from behind and I just could not take it anymore..after a few seconds I floored it and took off at a 7:30 pace for .25 mile..it felt really really great. Probably not the best idea..but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do....people have been gunning for you!

Later in the day, I had a massage for my legs. My glutes have been various levels of sore for 2 weeks since my heavy hill sprints and they just haven't fully recovered. One good  thing is that the soreness has been quite even between left and right side, which hopefully means its just normal healthy stuff. 

While painful, the massage WAS AMAZING AND released my trigger points in the upper hamstrings and glutes and immediately helped.


When I got home, I found my wonderful spouse had bought a pillow for one of our couches..photo enclosed 8) I can see this photo from my usual internet-enabled papa-bear chair. 

How great is that?



  1. What a GREAT wife you have!!! Glad to hear you are feeling good... ;)

  2. Wonderful report, and I love to hear of those "feel good" runs where everything is just working. Congratulations and stay healthy my friend.

  3. You can buy duct tape in wild designs too.


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