Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dunked again!

Back in May of 2011 you may recall that I got 'dunked'. This is where you get your percentage of body fat measured by being weighed on dry land, and then again underwater (with all the air expelled from your lungs!). You do this 3 or 4 times to get a good reading.

(Being an avid snorkeler/surface diver, I have no problem with doing this, but it's not for wussy types that have a pathological need for frills like oxygen ;)

I found out I could get a deal on a testing for $35 and figured I'd sign up. I knew my weight was pretty similar to May, and I felt with my 'pinch test' that my fat was down just a bit...perhaps muscle up from strength I figured I'd be a touch better on this metric.

And indeed, I was right:

Total weight:        172 to 171.4 (lbs)
Lean body mass: 140 to 141.26 (lbs) 
Fat body mass:      32 to   30.17 (lbs)

My body fat: 18.6%  to 17.6%

This isn't a very big change given that it's been 10 months  but at least it's in the proper direction! At this price, I plan to get tested once a quarter as an incentive to keep things moving in that good direction ;)

For my age group this is in the "good" category. I would need to be less than 14% bf to be in the "excellent" category...assuming I add no muscle this would require getting down to 164.2 lbs.

This would of course be awesome for my marathon times, or conversely allow me to run at my current paces with less impact forces.


  1. You are brave. I am very curious, but not curious enough to do it - yet. :)

  2. I've never had the dunk test, but my old trainer used the calipers on me once a week (bleh!).

    Slow and steadily moving in the right direction! :)

  3. idk...your body fat percentage sounds "excellent" to me ;)

    How long do you have to hold your breath?


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