Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Give me a lift!

This summer I did a lot of work fixing  issues with my (congenital) leg length discrepancy. What I found was that after 50+ years with it nobody can really figure out what triggered it, but flexibility, balance and strengthening exercises for the core and hip stabilizers can reduce the effects of it.

But even after all that, I still feel like my right leg is longer than my left...when I tense both legs I list to the left a noticeable bit....and...I'm still having this niggly left foot issues. I'm not losing any training mojo..yet..but it's still a concern. My feeling was that I was bashing the left (short) leg...there is only so much you can do with form..if one leg is short it gets a harder landing.  The more padded shoes are helping but it's still not good enough.

So today I tried a small lift in my left shoe. I made it from cardboard because that was cheap, easy to cut and about the right thickness after it gets crushed down.

I just traced the bottom of my insole on some cardboard and cut it out. After you walk around for a bit it gets properly compressed.

There is a danger in doing this kind of thing: long long ago I tried this and it was not a happy right foot could not take the load! My hope is that my right side strong enough now.

The run today with 4x1 mile at 8:00 pace felt really great...I felt my stride was more balanced and my left foot was not getting pounded as much. I'll let you know how it goes....if it seems to be working out well I'll coat the cardboard with duct tape to make it waterproof.


  1. I like DIY things like this. Very simple but can be so effective. I really hope this works for you.

  2. Maybe it'll work so well you can patient it and make millions! :)

  3. Wow, I like the DIY! Good luck with it.

  4. Love Jill's thoughts! When you swim you won't have to worry about one leg being longer than the other.

  5. My right leg is shorter than my left and that has caused major havoc to my hip and pelvis...LOVE the DIY strategy!!! good for you:) am wearing a heel lift in my shoe as far, so good!

    Love your blog...I'm a new follower and looking forward to reading more about you!

    1. Hi!

      Did you actually get any Dr. to be able to figure out the actual difference? If so, how?

      Welcome! Nice to meet you..


    2. Well I had hip surgery, and once trying to recover, began having some issues healing from it properly...they discovered I had anterior innonamate dysfunction, which is pretty common...but for me unfortunatly, it was working against me. Tendons were taking over the job the muscles were to do and I developed a wicked tendonitis from it. The shortness from my right leg, pounding when running , and actually any back hip extension moved my pelvis out of place...thus disrupting the proper healing.

      Not sure of the actual difference in length, but I can find out for you...they do a few evaluations like pulling your legs straight to match your ankles(lying down) together and then they find your hip /pelvis bones and you can visually see the difference...they also checked something from behind and had me bend forward and then backward...I didn't ask many questions about it however...but, since wearing the heel lift and doing certain strength exercises...I have been better knock on wood...but, like I said on my blog...haven't really started to run yet. I have an appointment with my surgeon this Friday and I am praying for a green light..It has been 7 months...

      Hope that helped;)

  6. What an interesting idea- and you are willing to be a guinea pig too!
    I hope it works. Didn't realize you were having any problems there. :/


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