Monday, July 25, 2011

30 minutes.

A shout-out to AJH and her daughter Emily. Em completed her first it and be enthralled!


Meanwhile...much smaller steps here 8)..Monday I swam for 30 minutes straight. My arms felt great ..(left arm a little weaker than the right arm it seems).

The photos shows my new bathing's much less draggy than the resort-wear board short suit I was wearing. It dries in a jiffy.

The new shirt is what I call a 'rasher shirt'...keeps the sun from toasting my back. Also sleek/not draggy and dries quickly.

The new suit seemed to make me speedier...the swim current was set to the same 3 mph as always but I kept crowding the head of the pool. However, I don't believe the knotmeter..I suspect its more like 2.5 mph... no way I could be that fast as a noob....I wish.

I had no problem doing 30 minutes. I felt like I could have done another 30 no problem. I am finding a 'zone' and enjoying it...the great thing is that it's all muscles other than overlap.

Nothing major sore after, except strangely there is a little muscle on the outside of each of my hips that was complaining for a hour or so...from the flutter kick? Need to work on my left side breathing's a bit of a mess still.

My fav sports rankings used to be

1. run
2. bike
3. swim

as of today they are officially

1. run
2. swim
3. bike

My legs are feeling great. When I hit the stairs at work  (my bellwether) I can  blast up them 4 at a time. I've never felt stronger...still letting them have their time off from running a bit more.


  1. Swimming is a great way to cross-train. I really enjoy it when I actually go swim!

  2. Fantastic progress on the swim! very inspiring.

  3. So bike and swim changed places. Interesting. I may have to give swim a chance yet. But one more thing to fit in.

    Thanks so much for the shout out.

  4. Great job on the swimming. My list is 2.swim and that's it. I only swim for fun nowadays and sport wise it is all running although I do that for fun as well.


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