Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Stuff that bugs runners...

Megan had a post about sh*it that bugs runners.

Always an amusing topic 8)

My funny story....

At my first job the Director of our division (about 100 people) was not very healthy..he was overweight and didn't exercise.

Once day, over lunch we noticed him drinking some ice water, a LOT of ice water, which was unusual. We asked him "Hey, Byron, why so much ice water today? It's not even hot in here."

His answer was that he read that it takes one calorie to raise one gram of water 1C. Therefore if he drank 1kg of ice water (about a quart) each day he would lose a ton of weight! Ice water is at 0C, the human body is at roughly 36C so 1000 grams of ice water would take 36,000 calories to heat up in his body. This means he'd lose 10 lbs! Brilliant!

You might think because he was our boss's boss we would be very reluctant to POINT OUT WHAT AN F*ING DOLT HE WAS

No siree bob! That's one of the things I liked about computer engineering. Even good ol' "El Hefe" is ripe for skewering 8). He turned bright red when we pointed out his folly. 

Luckily he didn't hold it against us...probably because every single person at the table (except him) burst into raucous laughter at the same time and he couldn't single out anybody in particular ;). 

Actually he was a nice guy...just not good at critical thinking and ignorant of an important fact.

We gave him double grief because if drinking a 1kg of ice water could lose you 10lbs a day WOULDN'T EVERYBODY BE DOING THIS?

How many of you know why this was such a howler? I hope all of you ;)


  1. Well I have to fess up that I didn't -- but I do now. :)

  2. Ha! 36 kilocalories. At least he was trying. If you're interested, you might try carrying crushed ice in a thermos during hot weather. My calculations show that eating ice can cool you 20% more than drinking the same weight of warm water. The benefit is even greater (much greater) in high humidity.

  3. Hahah. If drinking ice water was the magic cure...

    I do know that ice water gets in your system faster than warmer water, so always beneficial during a hot, sweaty run to have colder water.

  4. Holy cow! How do folks come up with stuff like?!?!?


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