Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Home and 1390 miles later...

Finally back from the trip to Malta...great trip! The wedding we attended was a ton of fun and met a lot of really great people from all over the world. I managed 4 runs there..which isn't bad considering the travel time and jet lag, not to mention the parties ;)

I also learned about the Great Siege of Malta in 1565..I don't think I'll every forget it since the history about it is everywhere 8)

This morning I woke up early since my time is all messed up and did a 6 mile run. I was bit tired but ahhhh: such beautiful weather and my wonderful tree-lined streets. (Malta streets and sights  are exotic..but car-crowded and lots of old style diesel trucks and buses..cough cough..). It's good to be home! Having a tough time catching up with all my bloggy friends now!

I noticed today  that I have been using logyourrun.com for a full year now and have 1390 miles for April to April...this is actually pretty low miles because of all the marathons. What with only a few weeks between marathons and with taper / recovery it actually limits your mileage quite a bit.

I have two more marathons coming up: Copenhagen on 22 May, and then a hill trail marathon on 6 June and then I should be a marathon maniac!

No responses to my challenge for some new challenges...the crickets chirped. I thought about it and came up with two ideas:

Idea #1: The Running Rally (similar to car rally)

The rally is for a specific total time, e.g. one hour.

Each person then gets a list of distances with specify paces to run (determined by your fitness level and what kind of workout you want).  e.g.   1 mile @ 10:00, .5 mile @ 9:00, etc...all adding up to the one hour.

You run the distance carrying your Garmin but without being able to see it...i.e. blind.. (no beeping splits or heart rate monitors visible either ;)....the idea is to be really good at estimating distances and paces to show how in touch with your body you are.

You get penalty points for each second you are over or under your split for each distance segment. The person with the fewest penalty points wins.

I think it is a pretty fair competition for all ability levels, i.e. everybody can complete against each other. 

Idea #2 next time.

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  1. Glad you had a great time in Malta.

    Wonderful Copenhagen has gone cold again. It was 3.5 degrees at 9 this morning! Of course it warms up a little later but the lower temperatures are great for running :-)

    The challenge sounds good and I look forward to hearing more about it.

    Take care and see you soon


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