Sunday, May 08, 2011

A final hard two weeks to Copenhagen.

Did 9.6 Saturday and 14.5 Sunday me a total of 39.6 miles run this week as well as 6.5 miles of fast walking. I did 6 runs this week which is very very rare for me, usually 5 and sometimes only 4 if I'm doing some fast stuff. No cross training this week because of this.

If you look at my weekly mileages you'll see I'm doing a major no-no..from ~25 mpw to 39 mpw violates the "10% mileage increase per week" rule big time! However, I think it's ok because the Sunday run  was taken very slow...11 min miles (lots of walk breaks) as I could tell I was pretty fagged out from the previous days and didn't want to over do it...just needed the time on my feet.

Two weeks to Copenhagen!


I signed up for the California International Marathon, aka "CIM", (Dec 4th) as my serious PR attempt race. I have lots of time to prepare but I wanted to lock it in as it does fill up. It's a point-to-point (my favorite ;) rolling hill course (but small hills..not like SFM!) with lots of net downhill...well known as a good BQ course in fact...gets good marks for crowds and organization too.

I'll probably pick out a race for Jan or Feb too as a back up in case I catch cold or otherwise can't run CIM well. Perhaps Long Beach or Surf City again? Suggestions?


  1. I have CIM on my bucket list--I hear great things about it.

    Rest up for Copenhagen--what a great locale for a marathon!

  2. Just discovered your blog and cheering you on!

  3. I've run CIM twice and it's a great marathon. Just note that it can be COLD and sometimes it stays cold. Best thing I ever did for this one was stick hand warmers in my running gloves. Remember that.

  4. The 10% rule truly applies more so for newbie runners, you will be fine!

    I've done CIM and it's a fantastic course (1999...a VERY long time ago).

    Enjoy the rest!

  5. I think the fact that you took it easy on the long run this week that violated the 10% rule you'll be fine. If you were pushing it a ton on your runs I might be more concerned. Maybe just make sure to ice and stretch a little more this week to make sure something doesn't flare up.

    I actually signed up as well for CIM, it's going to be weird to do an actual downhill or flat course, almost every race I do is on some sort of crazy hill course, haha

    Only problem for me is that CIM is on Dec 4, and Stanford football might be in the PAC-12 championship game on Dec 3. So we shall see what happens, haha

    Good luck at Copenhagen, I've heard the city is gorgeous and there are bikes everywhere!

  6. @zippy: Been to DK before, but not for a while and not running ;) Should be fun.

    @err: I am warned about the cold 8)

    @jill: Good to know you liked CIM...I think I will love it too.

    @nelly: Hope to see you at CIM then. FOOTBAL SHMOOTBALL...lets find out where your priorities are!

    My only problem is that the company holiday party is often on that Saturday night of the first week of Dec., so I may be getting very little sleep the night before if so!


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