Tuesday, July 20, 2010

5 days to go....

Do Not taunt the Taper Madness Kitty

My last decent run was 8 miles on Sunday...did the entire thing at race pace and it was easy peasy...a great feeling. I could feel the gathering strength from the taper..and my breathing often dropped to a 3-3 cadence rather than my usual 2-2. All this is good, but of course no proof that we won't have a strong fade after going out so fast (for me).

A 9:09 pace for me is just where you are beginning to fly, not much, but just a little. It feels much more like running than a 10:20 pace (my easy pace) which I could do all day, but I would call more of a "jog". (How jaded I've become...when I started running my "jogging" pace was 12:00)

It feels good to run like that, but you can tell it takes more energy, and so it's a bit scary wondering if you really can do it for 26.2.

Today, I ran a totally minuscule 2.1 miles (10:14 pace)..just to keep in the stretching routine and warm up the legs...and frankly to keep from going total bonker-bananas-goo-goo-ga-ga from taper madness.

Tomorrow the schedule allows us 4 miles and that's basically it until Saturday ....we get to trot for a mile or two..whoopdie-do!

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