Sunday, September 27, 2009

And the real answer is...

{UPDATE} Official Result: 49:45 
75 / 250 Overall
5 / 28  Age Group

[For those just tuning in, I ran the TrailBlazer 10k this morning.]

This is almost exactly an 8:00 pace, so new PR! Last years time was 52:09.

Just for comparison, my niece and nephew ran the Boulder Bolder 10k and got these times vs me:
Oscar  (age 15) 45:04.94 (7:15)  
Age graded: 41:46    (6:43)
[UPDATE: Oscar ran a 18:44 5k!]

Me     (age 53) 49:45    (8:00.7)
Age graded: 42:28    (6:50)

Ursula (age 17) 46:18.85 (7:27) 
Age graded: 44:18    (7:07) 

[Age grading scales your time based on world records for your age and sex to that of a 25 yr old male.]
So not bad, not bad at all..8)


It was NOT a really cool morning. Temp at the start (8:30am) was already 62, and by the finish climbing quickly toward 70's, with no breeze and bright sun.

This year I did my new trick of just chugging a small bottle of water a few minutes before the start and for a race this short, not bothering to take any water until after the finish. Saved me a few seconds mucking about at water stops.

Here's my pacing graph


  1. Oscar more recent 5k: 18:44

  2. Stumbled upon this race report, this exact race was my first 10K! I want to do the race again, I loved how there was literally no hills. Only problem is that it seems to be around the same weekend as San Jose Rock N Roll half marathon.


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