Sunday, July 12, 2020

Training for the Covid-26.2

Pandemic Running

Like a lot of people I've found running the perfect activity during these trying times. There's nothing like getting outdoors and doing something physical to take your mind off all the suffering and angst in the world right now.

I'm very lucky to have the Palo Alto Baylands trails so close by. This morning on a 3 hour 16 mile run I stood next to beautiful blue heron for a good 10 minutes. 

I was running solidly 5 days/~28 mpw (miles per week) before the pandemic started. Since then I have ratcheted up to 6 days/40+ mpw for the last ~2 months. Lotsa fast running sprinkled in too.

So far, my creaky old body is holding up! I have to do a lot of stretching and various other exercise to keep things in balance. 

A very hard half marathon time trial I ran a week ago came in at 1:56:55, i.e. solidly under two hours. My fastest half since I started running at age 52 is a 1:48:34 at age 57, which when age-graded to age 64 comes in at 1:56:41...almost the same. 

Time trials are usually not as fast as races (hard to get the juices going when all by yourself) so it seems I'm about as fit as I was back then, (relatively speaking) and I'm not even done peaking.

What to do with this shiny new runner's body? Time for a marathon!

I decided to run the Baylands Covid-26.2 Marathon and today I signed up! 

I spoke to the Race Director personally. He was supportive..a great guy.  The race comes with staffed aid stations every 6 miles and best of all, the race itself is free! (You do have to donate some money to one of several worthy charities but why wouldn't you want to do that?)

The course is perfect for me:

About half the course is on the Baylands trail!

Full Disclosure:

I'm the Race Director and also "the Participant".
Toni will be the aid station staff.
It will be a time trial.

Date: TBD, about 8-10 weeks from now

Good Running and Stay Safe!

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