Saturday, August 04, 2012

Weekly stats and Cheating

Yes, so Tuesday's run was indeed, epic, but in retrospect it was too much in one bite. I was pretty stiff on Wednesday but hey, I've learned you can push yourself through these things if you try so out I went...not easy but did a good 5.8 miles.

Thursday was DOMS day and there was the full brunt of Tues, plus the new effects of Wed. My own stupidity helped  as well: had I been wearing my calf sleeves? Doing foam rolling? Using the spa? No.  That 3.2 was probably best left undone..a muscle in my right groin was now very tight and this threw off my gait quite a bit. 

So, Friday I noticed a soreness in my right hamstring from nowhere which surprised me. Eventually,  I realized I had a trigger point, not a strain,  which has never  happened before. Pressing with the fingers eventually released it a bit and later that evening I did a bunch more  watching the Olympics and that helped (Yay, track starting!)

Saturday I did an easy 3.2 to the farmer's market and then joined Toni to full-filled my roll as Chief Carrier of Goodies and Right Honorable Dispenser of Payments. That run felt pretty good...except the groin was still tight...kept trying to work it out a bit and kept the stride short. Near the end suddenly my lower calf starting twanging like it was going to spasm. Sheesh! 

Date Miles    Pace    BPM   WHR%   Cad Elev+ Elev-    YPB
2012-07-31 Tue 7.4 10:10 126.7 66.17 85.1 16.2 22.8 1.426
2012-08-01 Wed 5.8 10:05 114.4 56.05 85.0 40.8 43.4 1.528
2012-08-02 Thu 3.2 10:38 114.4 56.09 83.6 24.6 24.5 1.455
2012-08-04 Sat 3.2 10:30 107.6 50.50 84.0 31.6 1.0 1.568
Summary 19.5 10:16 117.9 58.93 84.7 113.2 91.7 1.484

Obviously I pushed too hard on Tuesday..that workout was good but the lost intensity in the following workouts shows why it was a bad tradeoff. 

So, taking some downtime.. no run on Sunday or Monday to recover properly and watching some Olympic track!



The current New Yorker magazine has a fairly comprehensive and well written article about a guy named Kip LItton: a dentist and marathon runner for his own charity. He was a pretty fast (by my standards) runner ..that got even faster. 

But, he's  been found by a number of people to be cheating. 

I won't  blab the story or bias your opinion any's rare we get anything like this in marathoning...Rosie Ruiz comes to mind and that was quite some time ago...this is a much more complex case.

If you google his name you'll find out all about it......apparently the LetsRun forums got quite active trying to figure out what he was doing.  A sad and strange affair.

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  1. Trigger points are NO fun. I get them in my lower legs quite a bit and try to release them myself, but it can take more pain than I am willing to inflict on myself-- so massage is nice when I can get in. Nice and painful...
    Hope yours goes away for good!

    Kip Litton is a freak and a $ genius... i think he wants to get caught just for the notoriety. Weirdo..


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