Monday, June 04, 2012

Weekly Status and Jacaranda runs...

A decent "stepback" week of 32 miles. (UPDATE: fixed bug that caused one run to get messed up which is why this page used to say 30 miles)

 I did  a lot of hilly running compared to my normal modus operandi. Sat / Sun I was in Pasadena and I had a nice hilly  loop which you can see in the summary for 6/2,3.

Drills on the 29th and hill sprints on the 31st. lb and ub weights as well.

Pasadena currently has  a lot of Jacaranda trees in bloom. The purple blossoms everywhere are such a delight. I loved running through the fallen blossoms on the road. Almost like a parade. 

The economy was pretty good considering the hills. I should mention that I now compensate for the hills in my YPB calculations.  I will talk more about that in another post.

I am currently getting elevation data by using the space shuttle radar data that is in the public domain....basically if you have the lat/lon of your location there is data that will tell you your altitude. 

If you are a Garmin Connect user this compensation is done for you by the "elevation correction"  button. GPS elevation data taken by your watch is basically is far too noisy to be useful. 

Here's the weekly summary:

Date Miles Pace BPM WHR% Cad Elev+ Elev- YPB
2012-05-29 4.44 9:49 119.4 60.1 87.7 17.2 18.8 1.502
2012-05-30 7.51 9:19 123.0 63.2 88.9 90.2 92.2 1.538
2012-05-31 4.91 9:34 117.4 58.5 87.9 17.4 21.5 1.566
2012-06-02 5.84 9:53 118.3 59.2 86.3 356.1 303.5 1.533
2012-06-03 9.77 9:37 121.2 61.7 87.6 532.5 502.5 1.532
Summary 32.47 9:37 120.3 60.9 87.7 1013.4 938.5 1.534

Still going easy on the HRs..even with the hills. (It is a stepback week after all!) 

After some lousy efficiencies post-marathon, we are on the upswing again it seems.


  1. Awesome stats as always! Johannesburg and Pretoria have thousands of Jacarandas! I love running when they bloom. Obviously ours are now all bare for winter.

  2. Nice stats! I need to start running with my HR monitor. San Diego has lots of Jacaranda trees too. Love it!

  3. Beautiful beautiful trees!

  4. I've been down in Southern Cali for a few days, those trees were so beautiful! And smelled wonderful!!


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