Friday, December 09, 2011

The Very Important CIM Post


  1. Awesome!! Looks like you are about to turn an ankle. Just kidding.

    Revisit my blog. I added pics.

  2. Hi Arthur: Yah, I always look like I'm about to turn an ankle! But I never have (so far!)

  3. Love the picture, you look so focused!! Thanks for opportunity to work with you, it's been one of the highlights of my entire year! You did AWESOME!

  4. Great photo!! It looks like you had sun there too....

    You do realise that you are my mentor :-)

    Can't wait to catch up with you in Berlin!

  5. Great pic! And yea, your feet definitely have a way different way of striking the ground than anyone I've ever seen! Like the thanks to the specialists that helped you out!


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