Wednesday, November 30, 2011

CIM Race Week!

[Update: the race is done! Report is here]

Well into the final week now.

Tuesday: I did 25 min of hard stationary biking...MP HR (132) and 2x2min at 10K HR (142-145) with 2 min recoveries. Lower body strength training after. Still feeling a teeny bit sore in my left AT and so not running on it yet. It feels pretty good but I just don't want to push it...26.2 requires no weaknesses!

Wednesday: 5@9:00 (Garmin MP), HRs good (~131), AT feeling better...I concentrated on form + relaxation. The pace was easy....had to keep slowing down, else the pace creeps to 8:45-8:55.. I felt like I am gaining strength.

One last PT session tomorrow....also getting a full body massage. I'll get another one after the DOMS is over next week...i.e Wednesday.

Weather report still looking perfect..Sunny, but cold enough: mid 30's at the start, 50-55F max temp at finishing time. Heat/Wind will not be a factor! 

So let's put it together:

I have endurance from doing many long runs and many marathons in the last year+.

I know how to pace...I have run marathons with dead even splits...I don't fade any more. I know what I can do on race morning and I know how to push through pain in the last few miles.

I have trained differently than ever before (with Jill's coaching). 

The result: I have more muscle (legs + core and some upper). 

I have done many tempo runs to push up the LT and more hill sprints and fast running to improve running economy than ever before. 

This training cycle was not perfect (are they ever?) but nonetheless I'm in the best running shape of my entire life.

I also (again, due to Jill) got my butt into see a PT. This was to make sure I don't have any more calf strains and that my right hip is as strong and flexible as possible and to even out some of the R/L asymmetry I have had my whole life.  

The result has been no more hip joint popping, no feeling of being 'hitched up' on the right side and a much stronger feel running.

I have a bib waiting for me to race on one of the fastest courses in the country. (I just got chills when writing this line). 

The forecast for this weekend is perfect race weather. I love point to point races and I don't have to travel far to get to the race...I will be rested

So, be warned: I will be taking no pictures during the race...I will not have the time.

It is time  to 


  1. All the best!! I've checked out the website and it looks like a great race :-)

    Very jealous....I want to do another one already!

    I'm looking forward to your write up. Take care of yourself :-)

  2. I'm very excited for you! Good luck and have a fantastic race!!

  3. And FLY you will!! I got the chills just reading this ... so very excited for you! Trust your training and your experience and there is nothing that will stop you.

    Eat a few extra carbs Thur, Fri and Sat. Some white bread on Sat (high glycemic index, sugar gets into the blood faster) a little white rice with a wee-bit of honey.

    Call me on Sunday after the race, I want to hear all the details!! Now, go do your thing!!! :)

  4. Good luck, everything you write here leads me to think that you may have a PR in you! Have a great race!


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