Monday, February 21, 2011

T-4 weeks to LA

spring is here!
I set off for a run Saturday in the rain..but luckily it let up after the first 2-3 miles..double lucky because later in the day it dumped and dumped buckets.

I did a fast one (for me): 9.8 miles at 8:42 m/m. HR was about 130 average, which is about 70% of my WHR.

The run was great..wore the Kinvaras again problems with them. Not one bit of Achilles issue at any point during the run and I was pretty loose when I got up in the morning (tight calves in morning a precursor sign for me).

Kept my cadence up  at 174 spm, which is pretty darn good and fast (again, for me) and I think with good relaxed form. 


I can see San Francisco way in the distance
crappy cell phone camera won't let you see it..
Sunday it was FINALLY sunny again..and with all the rain the air was so crisp and was pure pleasure.

I wanted to do a trail run today, but after the major rainfall we had Saturday afternoon all the trails would be rivers.

After yesterday's fast run today was to be a poky day with hills. To keep from totally killing myself I kept the speed down by walking the ups and forcing myself to walk a bit every mile or so. 

Average pace 11:08...Ave HR 115 (yawn), 950' of climbing, 162 spm cadence which is pretty good considering the slow pace. Oh yes, the run was 15 miles.

What a great day! Everybody out running, biking and walking after all that rain. Lots of songbirds are back in the area and could be heard all around.

After this run my legs were officially what I  would call 'a dark toast' 8). They were pretty beat.

Someday, I should talk about my legs. Everybody thinks running is all about cardio, HR, V02Max, aerobics etc. Piffle...rot...nonsense...for me it's really all about the legs (at least in the marathon). The heart steps up to deliver the goods..but not always the legs....

Later in the afternoon I went for a 3 mile walk in the Baylands with Toni..there was quite a bit of snow on the east bay hills (6" on Mt Hamilton!) from yesterdays cold rain...neat to see. 

BTW, I've found that staying on my feet and/or a bit of walking is really good after a long or hard run..the worst is just sitting ...the leg muscles stiffen right up 8(

rain + sun = flowers!
(On Arastradero Road, mile 10)
So, a great week: the Kinvara's worked out wonderfully, in the 4 days of running this week I logged just shy of 40 miles ....with some speedy running and 1600' of hills.

It's only the 2nd week after Surf City.. so yes, I am now  'knackered' as they say in Ireland.  I have no idea why I felt so good this week, but I harvested the good vibes to good training effect!

This coming mid-week you can bet I will be very careful to not overdo it.

Next Sunday the plan is 15 miles (two loops) of the "Los Trancos" trail in Foothill Park. Hopefully the rain will hold off a bit now.

(Does anyone know what a "Tranco" is?)

I have also selected my trail shoe to be used at S2S, and I'll be unveiling it later this week ;)


  1. Sounds like a fabulous week of training. I imagine it's hard to NOT get outdoors with that kind of weather. Spring is still a good 2-months away in my!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Glad the shoes are working for you. Keep working on calf strength as you get used to them. And I agree-motion after the long runs is key!

  3. It's so odd to see blooming trees when all we have here in brown (which is better than white :)). I've gone to Atlanta every year for the past 4 years in March to do the 1/2 there and what I love about it are the blooming cherry trees. So pretty!

    Nice workouts, Paul! Glad the shoes are working and so glad that you're feeling fresh and ready to roll!!

  4. Yes the blooming trees are odd to see. Several inches of snow forecast for tomorrow. I am hoping to finally stop sleeping and actually get out of bed but there may be too much snow to go anywhere.


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