Friday, February 15, 2013

Week 13 tacoma vs eugene comparison

Comparing week 13 buildup for Eugene vs Tacoma.  First, HR histogram. This week was only 25 miles vs 35 for Eugene but the average pace was much faster and the efficiency was much better (because I've logged more miles this time than I had for Eugene).

Anyway, you can see that  the green (tacoma training now) has more out out at high bpms and almost none below 120 bpm. Pushed hard this week, even if the miles were low.

The paces show the speed...almost no running at slower than 10m/m. 9:45 is a slow base for me now.

Shy on miles but otherwise 13 a good week.


Week 12 is going great so far. It should be a very solid week (knock wood). So far my body is holding up amazingly well: the Chi form is getting easier and easier to maintain without thinking and my lower legs have zero trigger points. No AT, no nothing. 

My efficiencies are at the level that took to week 8 to develop during Eugene so I'm hoping I'll be  benefiting from a longer buildup.

The only slight niggle is my glutes being sore after a hard run, but that goes way in a day and it has been getting less and less (for the same effort level) so I'm not worried about it.

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