Saturday, February 23, 2013

Morton's Neuroma

[UPDATE: this taping worked great all the way to Toni's half marathon! No symptoms at all in training or during the race.

 I also moved the laces on her shoes up two sets of holes so the bottom part was not laced and made the toebox looser]

Toni has been training to walk her first half marathon with me in May. She's been pushing the pace to see what it's like to go fast enough to finish under 4 hours.

Recently after a 4 mile walk she started to feel some pain in her right foot. Her assumption was that she needed some better cushioned shoes and she communicated that to me.

So, we went to a store and got some actual running shoes for her. 

But she still had problems and this time she told me alarm bells went off.

"Exactly where do you have pain"....answer: right foot, under the little toes.  "Would a 'burning sensation' describe this pain?" ...answer "YES!".

I had already googled after the first question and it was as I suspected: Morton's Neuroma (or "MN" for short). 

The internet is a wonderful thing. I learned that it's typically between the 3rd and 4th toe and caused by pinching on the nerve. The good news is that unlike almost every other type of injury it's not hurting's pressure on a nerve so the only thing that's really hurting is your brain 8)

I was able to confirm the problem by pressing on the bottom of her foot in the typical spot and yup, it hurt 8/.  I read a lot of forum entries and right away realized that the shoes she has been wearing, while not super narrow,  were laced up ultra tight. Jamming the toes together makes MN worse.

So we re-laced the shoes with the bottom 3 holes open..nice loose toe-box now. Next, i read that a lot of people have success by taping the toes. You tape the 4th toe to your pinky toe, and you tape together your 3rd toe with the others.

What you are doing is using the other toes as splints to form a bigger bigger gap between toes 3 and 4. You can kind of see that in the photo of Toni's foot above. I also had her put on a looser sock that wasn't jamming her toes as much.

Off we went for a 2.8 mile walk to test things. Previously she'd had pain showing up now after only a mile or two. ..on this walk, NO PAIN. Yes!

There are some other things we could try but I'm suspecting that the problem is not very pronounced and perhaps just the looser lacing and socks would do the trick. But we'll keep the taping as well for now until we are confident the problem is solved.

On to Tacoma!


My week is going well, wrap up tomorrow!


  1. That's great that the lacing and taping worked :-)
    I have high arches and always have to relace my trainers when I buy them.
    I bet Toni can't wait until May!

    1. Great info, I have high arches to an have had MN for years it's getting worse I'm gonna try that tomorrow

  2. Good luck with this. I have had things on the top of my foot where I have had to unlace some of the lacing. Good luck to Toni.

  3. If you find that the MN is getting worse, then you must react quickly to avoid it from becoming worse. That means, rest it and ice it, as well as the other techniques you are experiencing with.

    MN is a fast developing condition that may only seem like a simply pinched nerve, but it can develop into a perineural fibroma (fibrous tissue formation around nerve tissue) that creates unbearable pain.

    Please feel free to join us at MN Talk at for more support, and to share experiences with others who are also dealing with MN. We are the only forum dedicated to just MN.

    Good luck!

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