Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Week 12 comparison tac vs eug

I'm still experimenting with ways to compare marathon buildups. My latest project is to collapse my percent HR bar graphs to per-week results so it is less busy to look at.

Here's the data starting at 18 weeks up to 12 weeks for Tacoma, notice I'm already  up to 235 miles logged, which is already about half as much as the total buildup miles for either Eugene or CIM. 

Same data for Eugene below. There's no data for further back that 15 weeks because I wasn't running. (Recovering from CIM before starting Eug training). 

There is some black (100-95% HRs!!)  on top of week 12 that is not real. It is from HR strap breakage that day (warranty replacement).  The YPBs number ignore these datams.  In cold weather I've found you have to ignore the first mile splits..until I crack a sweat there is no good HR data.
 Here's the data for the CIM buildup, you can see that weeks 18-12 were pretty piddly miles and HRs by comparison to both of the above.

This graphs are still too hard to compare visually to each other. What I really want to do is group the bars from each week together on one plot, so you can see the same week for each buildup right next to each other (and then with some blank space before the next weeks' grouping.)

I'll be working on that next....

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