Sunday, February 24, 2013

10 Weeks to Tacoma

Week 11 done

40 miles for the week, plenty of fast running mixed with slow base and some walking recovery (with Toni 8)

Date Miles   Pace   BPM WHR%   Cad Elev+ Elev-   YPB
2013-02-19 Tue 6.8 8:36 139.0 76.2 87.9 27.1 27.8 1.517
2013-02-20 Wed 6.0 9:17 124.8 64.6 87.8 37.3 36.4 1.522
2013-02-21 Thu 6.9 8:48 133.5 71.7 89.1 23.5 24.8 1.528
2013-02-23 Sat 7.5 9:55 115.3 56.8 85.3 73.8 74.8 1.544
2013-02-23 Sat 2.9 17:57 0.0 0.0 0.0 31.2 32.4 0.000
2013-02-24 Sun 9.7 9:34 117.7 58.8 85.6 42.6 42.0 1.572
Summary 39.9 9:54 124.8 64.6 87.0 235.5 238.2 1.540


Tuesday I was feeling surprisingly  good in the legs after last week and so the goal was to up the number of one mile intervals to 5. The day dawned cold and rainy, so I put off running until hopefully lunch time where I could slip out from work.

Lunch time came and went and it was still dumping. At about 2:30pm I looked outside and at the local weather radar and saw an open spot drifting over and went for it. It was windy out there and my first fast mile was hard (as usual). By the end of the second one I knew I could do all 5. 

During the 2 minute cool down before the last fast mile the skies opened up with sleet mixed with freezing rain and blustery cold winds....I put my jacket and gloves back on before I froze to death and started barreling back to the office.

Even with the weather's incentives to run quickly, it was hard to keep up the pace...every time I looked at my watch I was dragging! My shoes were heavy with water, but with a finishing kick I got it done. Later, when I got in the car to go home there was still frozen sleet all over the windshield! 

Running in sleet and wind still beats the treadmill any day!

5x1 miles @ 7:50 w/2min recoveries
2013-02-19 Tue

The next day I got up and felt pretty good considering I had run the previous workout only 18 hours prior. I decided to do some fast base running with my Kinvaras...I really did well with them before and my plan is to reintroduce them into my running for all the MP or slower running and keep the Launches for the faster running.

It felt really good to run in the Kinvaras again. They are so light and unlike the Launches they have mesh tops...this is key if you have any rain as they DON'T GET HEAVY.  That was wonderful during LA two years ago when we had 1.5 inches of rain during the race ;)

6 miles at fast base pace:
2013-02-20 Wed
Split  TimeMiles Pace      HR   CadElev+Elev-  YPB

You can tell these shoes are lighter: notice my cadence is pretty high at 88 for 9-ish pace. Yesterday I was running 89's for a 7:50 pace! 


The next day I wanted to up the miles at HMP to 5 over last week's 4. Not sure if I could do it after the very fast base running yesterday. 

During the run I had to work very hard to keep near 8:20 paces..any loss of focus and I slowed down. Think about a work problem for a minute or two.....and the pace is down to 8:30m/m. To catch back up to my target I would work on opening up my stride with hip rotations and that would do the trick.

I was working too hard after mile 3 and really thought doing all 5 was going to be a terrible slog...but rather than cut short I decided to take a 2 minute recovery interval. This did the trick! Just what i needed.. and even though not a breeze I was able to do another 2 miles ok.

7-ish miles with 5 miles @ HMP (8:20m/m) w 2 min recovery in there:
2013-02-21 Thu
SplitTimeMiles  Pace     HR  CadElev+Elev-   YPB

My 7 day trailing week mileage is still above 40, so I am looking forward to my rest day tomorrow!

On the weekend I plan to do a 5-6 and a 10 or so at mid-to-slow base pace. But we'll know more after the day off.


Saturday morning I felt pretty good but promised myself to keep the speed at a slow base / recovery pace. I wore my new pair of Launches...time to start breaking them in too..the old ones are pretty done...they were nice!

2013-02-23 Sat
SplitTimeMiles  Pace     HR  CadElev+Elev-   YPB

The run went well: efficient and easy chi form. It was 50F and sunny and of course the roads are always nice and empty on weekend mornings.  

Later in the day I did a 2.8 mile walk with Toni (the Morton's Neuroma debugging walk)  and I could tell my legs needed more of a break:..I did a lot of work on a construction project that had my on my feet and going up and down stairs, etc.

Sunday I'll play it by ear on the mileage but for sure I'll be at slow / easy base.

Sunday dawned 40F and bright sun, crystal clear skies. I was feeling a  tired at the start so I took it slow and gradually sped up some but I kept the miles to 10-ish....I was supposed to take it easier this week after all..8/

2013-02-24 Sun
SplitMiles Pace      HR% WHR  CadElev+Elev-   YPB

The HRs are insanely low on this run. Again like last week I did a search of all my runs on this route (easy because this route is always 9.5-9.8 miles) and this is the second best YPB ever for this run.  Split 9 (last full mile before cool-down) I allowed myself to speed up to 8:30m/m and even that split was super efficient at 1.607. That is pretty rare at the end of 9 miles of cardiac drift at all.

I know a lot of you out there  are still dealing with cold winter, but here the cherry blossoms are out..soon the buds on the leafy trees will start growing. I stopped to take this picture during my cool down as the morning sun and blue sky were so beautiful to be out and about in.

A much-needed rest day tomorrow and then on to week 10! 


  1. Running in sleet is no fun at all. The picture of the cherry blossoms is lovely but I am still enjoying watching it snow. Today is perfect. It has snowed all day lightly and not accumulated. I have loved watching it but there is nothing there for my husband to plow.

  2. Awesome training! Your plan is very good and I love all the detail. The weeks are counting down fast. We are having some last heat spells and then I think the summer will pass.

  3. After a knee injury I used Kinvaras and they helped quite a bit. After using lower profile shoes I just could not go back to a more "traditional" shoe. I used Saucony Type A5 racing flats now. I found that I prefer shoes with no arch support at all. I have flat feet and arches actually hurt. I sometimes run in Altra Adams. I really like not having much shoe, but for long runs I do appreciate a bit of cushion.

    BTW, your training is impressive as always and the your data is a great tool. If I wasn't so pathetically slow I would post my data too.

  4. I didn't realize you got sleet where you lived. It seems like the whole country has dealt with snow lately. I don't mind the treadmill on those cold, rainy, sleety days.


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