Friday, June 22, 2012

What's the plan tomorrow?

I headed over to Zombie Runner after work today and picked up my bib for the race tomorrow. Looks like only about 10 people were signed up for the it will be sparse out there for the second lap after the halfers are gone. That's okay by me!

Also picked up the shirt...a new lime-greenish color! Wow. I like it. (But of course not wearing it tomorrow as that is Very Bad Luck 8)

I'll have my camera (of course!) and take a lot of pics. Weather forecast is for partly cloudy and cool (<70F) all day so it should be cooler than last year.

It seems Coastal Trail Runs has invested in some chip technology which is's the on-the-bib kind of chip....the same brand as the Boston Marathon uses. It looks different than the problematic ones they used at Eugene so hopefully it will be ok.

I'd like to get under 6 hours (last year was 6:39) but not sure how that will go...we'll play it by ear. I think I've got more muscle now than then and that's what you need for a hill trail race: high power to weight ratio. Speed counts for nothing for back of the packer trail runners like me....

I'm curious to see how high the water levels are in the river this year. Last year was up to the lower chest for me. I'm remembering in the morning (I hope) to put vaseline on my feet so they don't turn to mush and get blistered after being wet for a few hours!

Chowing down for dinner tonight 8)

Good luck to the Seattle Marathoners tomorrow:


  1. good luck tomorrow, Paul......can't wait to read all about it!!!!!

  2. 10? Wow. Have a fantastic time...wish I were participant #11 :).

  3. Have a great race, Paul! Hope your feet stay blister-free and DON'T fold the bib :)


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