Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Marathon #14 on Saturday!

I don't race much. I see people racing all the time in the blogosphere and I'm not doing it. Part of the problem is that I don't really like racing unless I feel I've worked to peak for it. 

Unless its a marathon trail run in the redwoods of California. 8)

Just checked and found out that the San Lorenzo River trail marathon is not full....it's this Saturday so now  I'm signed up. Crazy? I don't think so..it will be beautiful, tough, and fun!

I think I'll do fine. I ran this race last year (you cross the river and get wet 4 times in the marathon!) climb 4300',  and I enjoyed it so much and had the day free this Saturday  I wanted to do it again...this time I know the course!

I was reminded that it was coming up because the search traffic for my blog was going nuts with people clicking through on my race report that is linked on the CoastalTrailRuns.com website.

Actually, compared to last year, I'm a lot stronger thanks to Jill  and her prodding and recommendations.  So I'm curious if I will be any faster..last year I took 6:38 (Yes, trail marathons are a b**tch). I think I should be able to shave a bit of time...

Coastal puts on great races, the RD,  Wendell, and his son are awesome at putting on a smooth and personable show.

Temps look reasonable. Yay! Pack the GU!, Stretch the calves!, Fill the water bottle! Get the camera ready!

[ Update on the previous post: I recorded several hours of 43 bpm resting hr at work on monday. Tuesday I was reading 46 bpm..all number that are lower than normal...so something has changed it would appear. We'll see]


  1. I used to be a train for a peak race, but this year it's just about getting back into the swing of things and I like the races. Trail races are so much fun and not a lot of prep work needed if you're in decent running shape, which you are. Enjoy the race!! :)

  2. After reading your blog I know you are prepared even though it was a last minute decision. You had so much fun last year, how could you pass it up!

  3. Fantastic! You'll do great! Enjoy the run!

  4. I remember reading your post about it last year and can't wait to read this years one!

    Good luck! It looks like such a fun race :-)

  5. I was thinking about doing the Crystal Springs Trail Run (by same group) in mid-August. There's an 11 miler that I might just be able to handle.

    Anyway, looks good. Have a fantastic time and I look forward to the pictures.

  6. There is nothing better than a Saturday Marathon. Gives me an excuse for Sunday drinking!

  7. Awww a trail run in the Redwoods. What else can you ask for? Enjoy the race!!

  8. Enjoy the woods! Sounds like someone is in super running shape. Any lower and you may as well be sleeping:-)

  9. Congratulations on keeping it going after 50, Paul. I'm 50 this year and just ran my second marathon (Ann Arbor) on Sunday. How did your 14th go?



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