Saturday, June 09, 2012

Launches doomed, Frees and sleeves good.

I found out today that the Brooks Launch is to be discontinued by the end of this on the hunt for another model.  Perhaps the Ghost 5.?

..Raina seems to like this shoe a lot and I wouldn't mind a lighter shoe (as long as the forefoot is well padded).
Some good runs this week. Today I ran in my Frees for the first time in a while and also used my calf sleeves. As an experiment I stopped wearing both of them after Eugune (April 29th) ...guess what? I teeny bit of AT lurking. Yup..thought so. 

Back to wearing sleeves and doing shorter runs in the Frees!  Not exactly rigorous science but good enough for me.

Thursdays run was was today's (Saturday) ....I went by the Gamble house garden and looked at the flowers....all looking great! They also have a really nice drinking fountain there with cold clean water so I always like to stop....slurp slurp 8)

Split Dist Pace HR % WHR Cad Elev+ Elev- YPB
1 1.0 9:37 114.0 55.74 89.0 10.1 4.8 1.610
2 1.0 9:20 122.0 62.30 88.0 8.0 1.5 1.550
3 1.0 9:23 121.0 61.48 87.0 25.0 3.1 1.570
4 1.0 9:19 124.0 63.93 88.0 14.8 6.3 1.531
5 1.0 9:16 121.0 61.48 87.0 8.0 14.4 1.567
6 1.0 9:03 125.0 64.75 89.0 4.8 21.5 1.546
7 1.0 9:12 126.0 65.57 87.0 0.0 20.2 1.505
8 0.5 9:34 124.0 63.93 87.0 3.4 3.3 1.486
Sum 7.5 9:20 121.9 62.25 87.8 74.1 75.2 1.549

The middle miles from 2 to 7 were all pretty similar efficiency (close to 9mm = 125bpm)  with very little fade. This run was done later in the day than usual for me so the temps were higher 70F or so and bright sun...good practice for the Ragnar.

Tomorrow a longer (12-14) , hilly run and even warmer. Running  with my old running cohort, Jeff. He's way way faster than me but doesn't mind running more slowly.

Inching up to 40 miles/week average......curious if I can sustain. About 6 weeks before the Ragnar I'll start working on pushing up the LT.  No volunteers for calibration runs yet but I'll be doing one every 3-4 weeks and hope to be able to measure the change.


  1. Bummer about the Launch, I wear them on hilly runs and they've been working. They are hard to find, though, so no wonder they are retiring them. The Ghosts are heavier than the Launches and a bit too beefy for me.

    Love the flowers in the gardens, so pretty! A drinking fountain in such a gorgeous place is just icing on the cake! :)

    1. Read Raina's review on the new Ghost 5 ...says its down to 8.8 vs 9.2 oz..that is about the same as the Launch, no?

  2. I never thought about finding somewhere with drinking fountains during my runs....I'm going to hunt some out and plan my next few runs around them.
    I'm getting a little fed up of carrying water with me.

  3. Hey Paul! Thanks for the link up.
    I think you would like the Ghosts since they are on the same platform as the Launch, but they do feel more firm. I believe that the firmer cushioning lasts longer though..I have been through several pairs of launches too.

    Gorgeous photos! Hope your long run went well :)

  4. My husband has run in both the Launch and the Ghost, and he actually prefers the Ghost. Maybe worth a try?

  5. Good run and like the picture. Shoes are one difficult thing - they always seems to be changing -- sometimes for the better; other times not so good. Best of luck finding a suitable upgrade.


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