Monday, December 19, 2011

And so ends 2011!

Miss Zippy gave all us runners marching orders a template for closing out the new year!

Best race experienceThis is easy: CIM. Second place would be CPH or Skyline-to-the-Sea my first 50k.

Best run: Running through historic Deerfield early in the morning.

Best new gear:  My Garmin 610. I like the touch screen and the fact I can display 4 things at once. Also the vibrate alert and the ability to set pace/heartrate alerts.

Best piece of running advice you received: from Jill: Go and see a Physical Therapist!

Most inspirational runner: There are a few of them ....all are near 70 or over. I study them to make sure I get there too.

Summary of your year in a few words: Marathon Maniac #4012!


  1. Well said sir! I hope you're running at 70 too. Will you be changing your name to "70 The New 40"? You have time to think about that one I guess :-)

    Merry Christmas if I don't get back to you before then.

  2. Love your summary of the year! And that there are so many runners over 70 from which to be inspired.

  3. 2011 was definitely a good year for Paul! :)

  4. Awesome Paul! Have a blessed Christmas and New Year. Keep it going!

  5. I love my Garmin 610...can't live without it. and congrats on finishing your first 50k, so inspiring!


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