Thursday, December 15, 2011

What a jerk.

The Las Vegas Weekly has a writer named J. Patrick Coolican that
wrote this about the LV marathon:

Some priceless writing from this pinhead:

To run a marathon is to bombard the body’s infrastructure with stress. So, a little sickness when running 26.2 miles should hardly come as a surprise.

later this:

Put that aside for a moment and consider the people who run marathons and how they might be the kind of people who enjoy a fine whine.
I used to live in Seattle, so I know them. They went to Stanford or USC and work at technology or consulting firms or have already made so much money that they’re stay-at-home dads or moms or started their own nonprofit. They shop at Whole Foods but eat only 1,200 calories a day. They voted for President Obama and felt so darned good about it. They consider the twice-annual sale at REI a religious event. They are the modern Organization Man and so can’t understand why the marathon didn’t go off with the efficiency of their second child’s midwifed home birth. They are the anti-Las Vegas. So, let’s be skeptical of their complaints.

and this parting shot:

Marathoners, a little piece of advice: Even our potable water is terrible, so next year go to REI, get yourself a Camelback and fill it with bottled water.

Those that want to share their displeasure and have FB accounts please go over here and express your opinion of this writing.


In other news. Garmin has fixed the problem with the HR display and they made it so that elevation data dumps out with split csv files again. Whew!


  1. There's always one who has to be heard, huh? Whatever.

    My Garmin's elevation profile is messed up, it just one continuous line ... is this what yours did? I think Garmin is on my speed dial...

  2. Bitter writers like this always make me laugh. I don't quite understand the anger towards runners, but there it is. I'm envisioning a not-so-healthy, unhappy guy taking aim wherever he can. It's ok, the jokes all on him.

  3. omg. what a douche. lol. it's like the whole thing was "it's not competitors fault it was YOURS". Really? ugh.

  4. Wow, that article is horrible. Maybe they shouldn't have the race if they can't handle the crowds and actually giving drinkable water. I definitely will never be doing that race.

  5. Sometimes I read stuff and all I can do is shake my head.


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