Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We didn't get to say goodbye...

Yesterday there was some problem with one of the blogs I follow being tagged has having malware on it...because I was a follower my blog roll was showing it and that caused my blog to also have a warning.

I removed that blog from my follower list.

And then I decided time to clean up..I went through and removed a bunch of blogs that aren't active. It was painful to do: some of them are not active, but presumably just going on with life -- sans blogging..we don't get to know. Some are at a good stopping point, ran their marathon, etc. and moving on.

But some got sick. There's one that got a diagnosis of MS and is going from a very fast runner to somebody just happy to run at all. 

There's another that went in for a surgery for a tumor on the kidney....and never came back to blogging after.

A couple of bloggers just stopped...no reason given...why did you drop off with no message?

I wish bloggers didn't think it all had to be sunshine and roses. We know it's not all easy out there. Tell us the truth and let us help.

Blogging isn't just for runners conquering goals and showing off improvements and new running gear.  It's also for people that need support through trying times. We're all one step away. Let us help! Please don't just check out.



  1. Here, here! I always wonder what happened? Then I worry that something bad happened. : (

  2. Weird about the malware thing, I got the same message on Runninghood blog, no idea if other people got the same thing on that blog. I thought blogs would always be safe to surf, but I guess all of them aren't.

  3. It is weird in this internet world of friends how people you end up liking can just fade away with no word.

  4. i agree with you here. i'm guilty of randomly not blogging for a few weeks at a time, but it is indeed sad when someone just sort of drops off. i am all for honesty in blogging, but i think there is pressure out there to be perfect and positive and the best runner ALL the time. which just isn't real life. bottom line, great post. :)

  5. Interesting malware problem. I guess you got your Spring cleaning done a little early. I wonder at times when my blogging days will be over, but when I started it, I told myself I was in it for the long haul.

  6. This is a good post. There are people who I wonder what has happened to them. Some people do a final post which I appreciate. But who knows why others don't? It could be just too tough.

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