Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekly recap and Dumb running ideas

Monday: 20 min bike, 10 min row, lower body strength training.

Tues: Off..1 mile walking

Wednesday: 30 min bike with 4x20s sprints at level 17 / 20..recovery to 115bpm. Upper body strength training. 3 miles walking.

Thursday: 1.5 miles jogging 

Friday: 1.5 mile easy jogging and 2x20s of 4 drills

Saturday: 20 min bike, 10 min ellip, 5 min row, 1 mile treadmill.

Sunday: 5.5 miles @ base 

I'm not doing much by marathon training standards as you can's a good thing I'm done with my race because something important came up at work and we need to get it done before the holidays.

For now I'm happy just doing a mix of stuff to keep from totally being a slug and letting my tendons recover from the abuse they got.

My AT is not present during normal activities but when I jump up and down I can still feel it a little bit...if I run it is there....every day it's better so when everything is completely back to normal and not before I will get back up to slow base miles.  

I've got plenty of time: a whole 'nuther year of running coming up!

I also still have that Shiny New PR  8)


What's up with people that run while holding hand weights?  When I see them they are not swinging their ....what is it for?

Remember when they used to sell leg weights you could strap around your ankles !? That seems like a Really Bad Idea.

Not swinging your arms when you run is a drill to strengthen the core that Jill had  me do a couple of times. I can't imagine doing it for a few miles of running. 

Have you ever tried running with hand weights? 


  1. Sounds like you are being smart w/ the training. Downtime is good for both the body and the mind!

  2. I never realized that not swinging your arms would provide an ab workout. Maybe if I try it, it would be more obvious.

    Get recovered from the marathon.

  3. Maybe they're just trying to add some weight to their run so when they actually go and race, they will feel lighter? Not sure, but that'd be my guess.

    Looks like a nice, relaxed, easy week! ENJOY :).

  4. I know some people that carry weights but they are training for rugby and other sports like judo and wrestling.

  5. I almost always run with a 20 oz water bottle. Does that count as handweights? :-)


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