Monday, April 29, 2013

Comparison of TCM (Tacoma), CIM and Eugene Marathon buildups, Goals

Well, as Ms Zippy recently said: "The Hay is in the Barn". The training for Tacoma is done, with just a couple of short runs this week to keep things loose.

Let's take a look at some data!

Buildup Pace Histograms

Here's all the minutes of the 18 week buildups as a barchart of paces. 

In CIM vs Tac you see I've got about 40 more miles logged. 
 In Eug vs Tac the mileage is almost 100 miles higher. I laid off after CIM for about 4-6 weeks because of my AT so I only had a 14 week buildup. Keep in mind I ran a touch faster on a slower course at Eugene than CIM with this buildup(because I was more experienced). Pretty much more running at all paces here:

Sub 9m/m Pace Histograms

Let's zoom in on the faster running.

For CIM vs Tac I have about 35 miles more fast pace running:

 For TCM vs Eugene it's even more: 65 miles more of fast pace running!


  • No injuries!...(previously: some AT, calf problems)
  • Full 18 week buildup
  • More miles (~600), more miles faster than 9m/m
  • Chi-style running: mid/whole foot strike, fast cadence, big hip rotations, LOOSE-FLOPPY lower legs, slight full body lean, hips not tilted back, powerful arm swing
  • Running more with glutes and hamstrings now. (How do I know: these are the parts that get sore after a run and I focus on foam rollering.)
  • Only 2 x 20 milers (not three) done due to time constraints.
  • Most long runs done back to back with MP runs the day before (TOUGH!).
  • Faster half marathon time trial/race by ~10s / mile. (hillier as well).
  • Most training done in Brooks Launches but weaned back into lighter shoes (Kinvaras) for racing. 
  • Still using small homemade shim lift (1/8") in my left shoe to balance things out.
Currently the weather says 45F-ish at 7am and now saying sunny  ~72F-ish for the high....which may mean more than 60F at finish time.

THAT is getting too warm for my standards. Hopefully we'll flip back to the cloudy  forecasts we had a day ago ;)

  • Have fun! Excitement/Joy/Happiness YES!...Stress NO.
  • Leave it all out there. No sandbagging. 
  • BUT. No more  than a minute-ish fade in the last 6. 
  • A new PR is wanted. I would really like at least 2 minutes but I'll take anything ;) Cut a 3:52 pace band.
  • If I'm  feeling really REALLY good after the post-bridge climb open the throttle a tad more (3s / mile)
  • Take some pictures! At least ON THE BRIDGE 8)
  • Spot Toni on the way to the finish. 8)


  1. Wasn't Eugene this last weekend? I am confused.

    1. Yes, you are 8)

      I am running Tacoma this Sunday 5/5. I am comparing my buildup to last years Eugene buildup (and to CIM before that).


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