Friday, April 05, 2013

Better and better!

The weather for Sunday's Santa Cruz half marathon  is looking even better: 

Temps in the mid 50s (F) and cloudy skies with a 10% chance of a shower. Winds are 3-4 mph from the North (race runs east-west out and back).

This is the PERFECT weather for racing.

With 600 miles of training behind me I feel happy and joyful to RACE!      Yippee!

The horse wants to RUN! 

(and that would be ME)


  1. That does sound like perfect running weather, enjoy!

  2. Just read your goals for the race, I think you're going to do great. Good to have a plan so you don't go all balls out at the start - hold back a bit at the start and let 'er start ripping mid-race if you're feeling good. Looks like perfect weather for your race, which will add a boost of confidence too :).

    I'm doing a half tomorrow also but ugh, I am so sick right now. Was hoping for a miraculous sub-1:50 but at this juncture with the crud, I'll just hope for a sub-3. We'll see. Have a fantastic race and enjoy that gorgeous weather!

  3. Thanks so much for the comment on my last post. Yours was by far and away the most helpful and I'll pass the info on to my coach.

    Good luck with your half!


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