Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Houston, we have a (sweat) problem.

Still processing all the feelings from Monday. Still sad about something that used to be fun to think about. I spent a lot of time in Boston and watched the Marathon many times before that I knew I would someday run them....

I was very touched by all the people that thought "Marathon! Paul runs marathons! OMG is he there?"

No, of course I wasn't there..but people immediately reached out for reassurance that the marathon person that they knew, was ok.

Like ever other marathoner I know,  I am more determined than before now to BQ for the year I turn 60 with a 3:55. I probably won't have enough minutes under the BQ time to get in, but I am doing it anyway.


I have a new problem that's come up, here's a photo to illustrate:

Can you see all the crud on the inside surface of my sunglasses?

I'm wearing the same sunglasses I always do, but I am doing faster running than in previous buildups and I'm sweating more on my forehead and face.

So this isn't just 'lens fogging'. I'm actually getting drops off my eyebrows hitting the lenses and building up inside the glasses.

Pretty soon I can't see very well. It is REALLY annoying!

I tried using some lens papers to coat the surface with silicone and that helps a little  but in just a few minutes more I'm in the same boat.

I didn't mention this problem in my Santa Cruz HM race report but IT WAS A REAL PROBLEM. When I was running the trails in the Wilder ranch part of the race I COULD NOT SEE worth a damn! 

Frankly, I don't have the best proprioception as I get older and I rely on seeing my footing quite a bit. Result: really hammering my feet around and doing a number on them (and burning more energy) because I just could not see the ruts and bumps very well.

The sweat get so heavy it also drips into my eyes and DOES IT is like battery acid! 8/

My head-sweats hats (which I love) are just not doing a good enough job anymore. I do have these amazing Halo headbands that have a little  mono-brow like channel in them that deflects the sweat to the sides. 

I do use them when I know it's not going to too bright out and my pasty-white high forehead will not get sunburned...but that is pretty rare..even on a foggy day I have gotten sunburned. So not that useful fror me.

BUT they have a visors and  hats that have this same feature built in and I am ordering  one of each to try. I need to get this all sussed out before Tacoma.....can't stop and wipe my face and clean my glasses!

On my last 20 miler I used the headband folded in half  and wore a hat over that (kind of geeky looking) to keep the sun off my forehead and face. A little clunky but it worked well: no sweat in eyes. Great!

Here are some views of the hat I'll be trying out..this one shows the little strap with 'monobrow' (yellow thingy):

Here it is on my head, has a mesh top for good cooling. 

I'll let you know how they work out...a 13+ MP run tomorrow that will let me know!

NOTE: I have nothing to do with this company other than ordering their products and liking them!


  1. I sweat a lot but I think you sweat more!

  2. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog! Good luck with the sweat cap!

  3. Really? Are you diabetic? Circulation issues? What else would cause your proprioception problem? Practice standing on one foot on the floor, eyes open, eyes closed.. then on a more compliant surface the same way...

  4. That is crazy sweating Paul...but, I guess you're not the only one, because they wouldn't need to make special hats! :) I really hope it does the job!


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