Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Thoughts

This morning as I went for my run I could not get thoughts of Monday's terrible atrocity out of my head.  How does one make sense of such an action?

I read this blog post, and I felt a bit better. Thanks for writing, Jamoosh.

and here's another good article. 

A great quote from that article:


It’s so easy to get dismayed about humanity on days like today. To wonder how people can do such horrible things. But this is why I like Mr. Rogers’ words of wisdom. This is why I have decided, today, to look at the helpers. Because the helpers show us that even when faced with unimaginable tragedy, terror, and tumult, there is a monumentally strong force within each of us that truly wants to help our fellow man. We all have that seed of good. It can defy logic, reason, and empirical scientific data. And even when everything around us — those “powerful situations” that us social psychologists love to say determine everything about what we do and who we are — combines in perfect synchrony to create the exact blend of factors that should push anyone away from helping, we can’t underestimate the power of that drive within us all that doesn’t care about what the textbook says and pushes us towards doing good anyway.

What a beautiful thing.

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  1. Thank you Paul.

    I can't make any sense out of it either! It has affected me hard. I think, as runners we are one large community so an attack on some of us is an attack on all.

    Thank you for the articles.


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