Thursday, May 02, 2013

3 days to Tacoma..wx is not optimal

I did a 5 Miler at MP on Wednesday to shake things out and see how the legs are feeling. It was 60F and bright sun..

2013-05-01 Wed
SplitMilesPaceHR% WHRElev+Elev-YPB

8:45 Garmin == 8:50 actual == 3:52 marathon

I felt pretty good...the legs have bounced back from all the training and are feeling strong when I go up the stairs at work. I will do another  2-3 miles on Friday


I really like cold temps for running...although I've had some local warmer temps here. Those warmer temps here have settled up in Tacoma now though.

They are forecasting a high of 82F for Sunday 8/  (Nooooooo...8-0 )

I am not bummed out though...are some things that will soften this :

  • The temps from 7am to 11am will be 57-66F, not optimal but not too bad.
  • There are a lot of tree-lined spots on the course.
  • The final 6 miles is near the water and the breeze is supposed to be off the water (and the Puget sound water is COLD). So the course there may be colder than the 'average forecasted location' for Tacoma.

I have cut and taped up a pace band for 3:52 already and I'm still going with that. I think I'll be ok. But it is unlikely I will try to go any faster if these temps come to pass.

This just in from the crazy weather department:

Colorado is having MORE SNOW. 50 days from midsummer and WTF?!?! They have had like 5 FEET of snow in the last couple of months.


  1. Good tips and I am definitely feeling better about the heat now!

  2. WTF is right about CO and our ridiculous weather pattern this spring. I'm moving in your basement next winter, make room for me! :)

    Eh, don't worry about the weather too much ... as you noted, most of the heat of the day won't come until you're done. Just bank a second or three early on so you have that bit of cush when it starts to warm up. And throw lots of water on you (I heard this isn't a good idea, but it always worked for me).

    Super stoked about your race - I hope it's everything, and more, for you!! Will be cheering ya on in this god forsaken winter wonderland here.

  3. Good luck this weekend, hoping it stays cooler than the forecast for you (at least in the AM.) Can't wait to hear about it!

  4. Good luck to you and Toni this weekend -- sending cooling thoughts your way. Excited to hear how it goes.


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