Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Traci Falbo: 142 miles in 24 hours

UPDATE (8/11/14): Traci set another record today! 242 miles in 48 hours! Read about it here.


Back in 2010 I ran SFM and made my first attempt at sub-4 (I did 4:05). I joined the pace group and a very nice person named Traci Falbo was one of our pacers.

You know how I feel about pacers..usually they don't do what I want and so I don't use them..

She was a good pacer though....I gradually faded at the end but she did a even pace with adjustment for hills.

When I asked her she also even mailed me her photos she took during the race to add to my race report! (See the tab for marathon reports and check out the 2010 SFM if you want to see 'em). A very nice person.

She's a Marathon Maniac ..one of the first I'd met that got me thinking about joining them...and today she showed up in the news: she  just won gold for the 24 hour run competing for the US in the ultramarathon championships


She ran 142 miles in 24 hours !!!  Whoa!

Read her story. It's cool.


  1. Wow, and she came in 4th?
    This story (amazing & something to celebrate on its own), could help others see that "just" a regular marathon is actually do-able by real humans. Very motivational.

  2. Whoa indeed. That's pretty cool stuff!

  3. Great to hear your story.

    I met Traci for the first time during a trail race last month. She was pacing somebody else but helped me with advice, encouragement, a stream crossing, a water bottle, etc...

    A gem!


  4. Thanks for sharing the link! It's great to read about inspirational runners doing amazing things.

  5. I love ultramarathoners. They make our running obsessions look pretty tame and suburban.

    Thanks for your advice on my last post. I'm going to Carpe Diem the hell out of this race - or at least try.

  6. I LOVE my pacer!! He made me run even splits and helped me get my PB in Berlin ;-)


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