Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Toni and I both racing in Tacoma!

My wife Toni is a walking machine....she grew up in a European heritage family that walks all the time.  Even today in there late 80's her parents walk a few miles every single day.
(My family was, sadly, not that way. I had never met a family  that just 'went for a walk'  together before I met her..)

She doesn't have great knee health..but still does a lot of hiking and walking (but NO running..no workie). It's a bit annoying for her to have people ask if she's doing races with me...no she's not running marathons. But, she goes to the Y 6 days a week and does low-impact aerobics, cardio and weight training 

When I signed up for Tacoma she brought up the idea of her walking the half marathon.
I was like ...'!!?! what !?!?!'....sure!'  

She was not sure she could do it in the time limit (which is 4 hours). So, I put a tracking app on her phone and today we went for a fairly normal walk 1.5 mile walk..(maybe a bit faster) that we always do. She learned we did a 16:45 pace. (4 hours is only a 18+ minute pace.)

With all the hiking she does during the week I know she can do it. I showed her the Hal Higdon half marathon walking training schedule and it was kind of a joke for her. The midweek hilly hikes she can knock out any time were much MUCH more intense. The only thing she's missing is the long walks at a fast pace ..thus giving her the confidence that she can do it under 4 hours..this distance is not in question. 

Tacoma is _perfect_: the half marathon is, like the full, a point to point run..starting at the marathon halfway point!  Since my finish time is a bit under 4 hours, and I expect Toni will probably be somewhere around there too, it will mean we get to the finish at around the same time!  So fun! 


  1. This is really awesome! All the best to her with her training. She will do it!

  2. That is really awesome, I hope the day is a major success for you both!


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