Sunday, January 13, 2013

16 Weeks to Tacoma

Week 17 training done!

Date Miles   Pace    BPM WHR%   Cad  Elev+   Elev-    YPB
2013-01-08 Tue 4.6 9:45 122.3 62.51 84.7 16.1 17.8 1.510
2013-01-09 Wed 7.6 9:47 119.5 60.24 84.7 264.9 263.9 1.507
2013-01-10 Thu 5.5 9:39 121.1 61.59 84.9 42.0 40.7 1.505
2013-01-12 Sat 6.5 9:41 124.4 64.25 84.2 27.0 35.6 1.481
2013-01-13 Sun 9.8 9:50 123.2 63.24 84.6 44.1 42.5 1.458
Summary 34.1 9:45 122.1 62.39 84.6 394.1 400.4 1.488

Almost the same mileage as last week and mostly base pace running..... I just recently got back up to 30+ miles at all so easy does it. It was not a 'trivial' week but I did ok. Monday was a rest day and Tues included 2xdrills, (high knees, butt kicks) 

Wednesday I did some hill repeats of 3x.25miles @ 8:40 pace..on about a 4% grade...those were tough:

2013-01-09 Wed
Split  Miles  Pace    HR% WHR  Cad  Elev+Elev-   YPB

Sunday I did my bay trail 10 mile loop again and took it the end of the week I was  feeling a bit tired. But the last two miles I pushed hard and felt really good:

2013-01-13 Sun
Split Miles   Pace     HR% WHR  CadElev+ Elev-  YPB

The drop in YPB efficiency with miles is not good...shows I have a ways to go..which is as expected.

My Eugene buildup records start at 15 weeks out (I was taking it easy after CIM before that) and from next week on I'll be comparing on my relative fitness metrics week by week. 

We should see the line on this graph get lower and the slope as the weeks go by. The 9Min pace HR intercept should go down to 127-128 from the current 131.7. We'll see.

I would like to push harder than ever on this peaking cycle and pull ahead of previous fitness levels..the amounts I need and can expect will be small, but hopefully I can tease it out of my 57 year old bones.

The weird sore feeling in the muscle just inside my left shin bone is still there when I foam roller after running....still doesn't bother me at all when running...very bizzare. But it is holding steady or getting better after quite a hard buildup so I'm still not worried...yet.

The Chi - style running is still working triggers in calfs..they are working a lot less.  My glutes and hip flexors are more sore than usual though. Rollering after running helps a lot.


  1. Sounds like we're both trying to push our Fifty-something year old bodies to greater fitness this year! Your HR is really good though, even when you push it, you stay in the 140's...which is good, isn't it? I'm starting to try and learn more about HR running these days. My average is usually in the 130's, when I push it, I'm in the 150's. I plan on figuring out my exact aerobic zone :)

  2. Bonjour Anne!
    It is very difficult to compare HRs unless you know your max HR. I got treadmill testing 4 years ago (and have some some very hard runs since..maybe not so smart) that tell me my max HR is in the high 160s..168?

    So if my max is 168 ,but yours is 180, then your 150 is actually less of your total output..get it?

    220 - age is often mentioned as HR max and it my case it is pretty close. In general I think women have higher HRs..but not sure about that 8/


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