Monday, January 28, 2013

Flu trends

Do you know about google flu trends?

It's a very useful resource for seeing how bad the flu is in your area. It's more up-to-date than the CDC data (which I think is about 2 weeks behind reality) because it uses aggregate search data to see how many people are searching for flu remedies or information right now

When I checked it a couple of weeks ago, I thought it was broken..the entire USA was RED RED RED...but no, not broken.

You can see different countries, states, and even the data for large cities in the USA. Alas this year none of that is needed...the data in the USA is pretty BAD ALMOST EVERYWHERE.

And yes the flu is vicious this year. And ... the flu is still INTENSE++. USA seems to have peaked some but CA is a little behind and is just past the peak now. But it needs to come down a long way before we can say this winter's season is over.

Was those hands often, and please stay home if you feel it coming on...make sure your coworkers and kids stay home too!


  1. Hmm....not sure if I want to look or not! I know I can't resist, so off I go. Thanks, I think!

  2. It really is a bad flu season this year. I know many that have come down with it.


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