Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekly Stats, Memorial day weekend.

Hope everybody had a nice long weekend! 

Totals for the week, 5 runs

Date Miles Pace BPM WHR% Cad Elev+ Elev- YPB
2012-05-22 4.58 9:45 132.3 70.2 87.4 69.3 60.6 1.371
2012-05-23 6.02 9:20 129.2 67.7 87.3 128.1 156.1 1.463
2012-05-24 4.75 9:26 125.2 64.4 88.6 58.3 86.9 1.490
2012-05-26 6.7 10:04 121.1 60.9 86.9 95.9 71.5 1.450
2012-05-27 13.54 9:48 119.6 59.7 87.3 731.5 677.0 1.524
Summary 35.59 9:43 123.8 63.2 87.4 1083.1 1052.1 1.476

Pretty happy with 35+ miles for the week.  On the 27th (Sunday) I did a 13+ run and took a hilly route..I need to really focus on hills for the Ragnar Relay. I'm pretty pleased with efficiency of the legs were pretty tired by the end of the week. I learned I'm not used to hills right now though!

One reason they were tired is that on the 26th I did a 'calibration run' where I run to the track at slow pace (2 miles) , and then did 2.5 miles of laps with each lap at 5bpm higher heart rate, then slow jog home (2 miles).  This is another way of measuring fitness.

Recently I found an old paper from the early days of HR monitors that talks about using this method to measure your lactate threshold (LT) in a non-invasive way (i.e no blood taken). More on this if I figure out how to do this. 

This is a pretty hard run, at the end for the last 400 I was running at 160 bpm and going at about 6:40 pace.

The next graph below shows the HR percentages of each run in the trailing 30 days. You can see the little multicolor band on the 2nd to last run on the right..that's the calibration run stepping through all the BPMs. On the left is the Eugene marathon followed by a bunch of days off. 

All the green and blue makes it clear I've been taking it easy on the paces and HRs for the most part.

Final graph below is average miles for the trailing 30 days. The 7 day smoothed data shows you I've kicked the miles up a lot this last week. The big dip in the red on the left is from the rest days after the marathon...(look at the gap in the graph above)

So miles are up but hard running is still low..even so this week will be a step back week a bit..and I really need to get back into strength training and drills/myrtle etc!



  1. I have been planning to do a LT run so I can have a baseline for my running data. I am going to use the test as outlined at the site. If you have a better reference, please let me know.

  2. Hi Kepa,

    Well there are a lot of ways to skin that cat...I'll let you know if this method it's useful.
    So far not.

  3. Well, let me know when you find the paperwork. What will you change if anything, once you establish your lactate threshold? Will you train to that HR for tempo then?

    1. I'm am reading this paper... I think I see what they are saying, now I just have to try it myself.

      If it works it will be another tool to have.

      The really cool thing is that once you measure your LT it you can know your marathon pace to a pretty high accuracy...the correlation between the two is very high.

      Yes, we have the other calculators too, but this would be another way to make sure you can do what you set out to do on race day 8)

      I will be doing a posting about this.... It's pretty nifty.

  4. Which Ragna Relay are you training for? I am thinking of doing the Napa Valley next year.

  5. Your stats are really cool, I need to get into this more! The shoe testing was something Saucony set up on Crittenden last week! It was pretty fun, I should have sent a note to everyone but I went kind of randomly that day (and before that forgot about it.)

  6. Paul, I love all the graphs and stats you maintain and share with us. Would you mind sharing with me how you are able to gather such precise heart rate data within a given run..? I have a Garmin 910XT, but I have little experience with the file format and tools one could use to get at the data. The unit will easily give me average and maximum HR for the run, or per lap (mile for me), but your graphs seem to indicate that you have a way to dive a bit deeper.

    Thanks, and once again...really enjoy the site and the numbers you share. :-)

    1. Hi Michael,

      Thanks for your interest in my interest 8)

      Yes, I have been writing a python package to let me take the .tcx files produced by the watch, parse them, and then do lots of things with them besides the stupid boring stuff garmin tools have.

      It's very powerful stuff, but requires software experience to use. I am going to release it as open source when it's ready to 'beta' so geeks can use it.

      For regular non-geeks, I've been thinking about setting up a small (free) web engine that would allow you to upload your tcx file(s) and get back a lot of interesting data like the kinds of stuff you've been seeing.

      Actually, you can help me by emailing my some of your tcx files for your runs. I've only every used my own and I'm interested in finding any bugs.

    2. Torpedoes away !!! I just sent you 5 TCX files to play with / test at your discretion.

      Enjoy :-)


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