Monday, September 10, 2012

Three weeks to Berlin...

Just a quick update. I'm still taking it easy and just doing massive amounts of cross training and no running. I feel good....and really really want to run but no point risking re-tearing the strained calf area so holding tight at least another week. I will probably start some exploratory runs next weekend. 

(I'm not worried about running 4:15 with this training gap. I should have plenty of fitness for that.)

The other day The Berlin marathon emailed everybody the fancy pre-race brouchure ..they are very organized.

In case you didn' t know, this marathon is HUGE. There will be 40,000 plus runners! (Gulp). And these runners are FAST..take a look at this part of the start/finish map that shows the corrals:

My PR pace would only get me to corral "G" !! I will not be attempting a PR but will be running with Lynne so we'll be in the LAST Corral: "H, just ahead of the "Warm up" area. 8/

I read some blog entries on this race and it is indeed wild crowed support and lots of action all the way. In fact it can be hard to find the water stops in all the signage and people! 

On Friday, Lynne and I are meeting with an experience Berlin marathoner friend of hers to get a tour of the start finish area in the park. It can be quite large and confusing so that will be great.

Weather this time of year should be cool, but this week they have had some 80F + high temps..hope those stop soon!



  1. Best of luck Paul! I just read about your injury. Hopefully your legs will feel great by the time of the race! Based on the picture you posted, the German runners are fast, 5 corrals for sub 3:30. Impressive! I wish I was there running with you guys.

  2. I'm so looking forward to running Berlin with you :-)

    17 degrees and cloud will suit me fine!

  3. I am training for the Honolulu Marathon right now and I am so worried about getting an injury during training. This will only be my second ever marathon.

    Your pace is really admirable. I would love to run that fast!

    Well, hope your injury heals up soon and your exploratory runs work out okay.


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