Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Nope. No Ragnar.

Wow. Astounding example of not understand what was going on with my body. After my 14 mile run on Saturday and two days off, I went out for a run on Tuesday.

A paltry 1.5 miles in , my right calf 'let go' with another spasm. I was reduced to walking home unless I wanted to beat the crap out of the poor muscle (I did not).

I was VERY SHOCKED. Lots of bad vibes radiating in all directions. Surprised no earthquakes reported 8/ My conclusion is that I've been pushing the recovery from my strain and its just NOT HAPPENING. I need to give my leg a solid block of time to recover. 

So, painfully, reluctantly, I let the Ragnar team know I just could not run in 2 weeks. 23 miles would probably open it up again and then I'd be screwed for Berlin. Fortunately they found a replacement right away. 

So 4 weeks of down time, no running only cross training. That's what I've found you need to do for a strain. Even then, it's a bit short but I don't think I have a full tear (which is 6 weeks, not 4) so hopefully I'll be fine.

I don't really worry about the loss of conditioning. lots of XT will be ok, and running a 4:15 pace is not that fast for me. The main thing is to get the muscles HEALED. 

It's amazing how vulnerable we are to a pencil-thin set of muscles. 


I signed up for the Tacoma marathon in May, it's the 10th year anniversary of the Marathon Maniacs......Arthur, my awesome runner friend, are you going? Love to see you there.  The new course there is reasonably flat-ish so I figured what the heck...lets visiting the MM home-world!  

I also want to let people know (being polite so you don't wonder about me) that I just don't have any time to do blog reading or writing much these days. Don't worry, I'm still here and ok but I have a lot of stuff going on at work and at home and just don't have time for the blogosphere as much as before 8(.

I'll miss you all but that's how things have to be right now....I'll be posting but mostly just for logging purposes. 


  1. Sorry to hear it Paul! But you really did the right thing w/ Ragnar. Focus on the big picture and heal up quickly!

  2. Take care, the 4 weeks will be over before you know it.

  3. Sorry to hear that about your calf. It is frustrating I'm sure.

  4. Real bummer about the calf. I've had a strain before, and it does seem to take a bit of time for it to feel perfect again - I think it took me maybe 2-4 weeks for the strain to go away. Hopefully you are good to go for Berlin.

  5. Get healthy again. Good luck.

  6. Life...funny how it gets in our way, huh?

    Hope you heal that leg up decision to remove yourself from the relay!

    keep posting...we will all keep reading...and we have all been, or still are in your position to not be able to keep up with it all! I admire your honesty and look forward to hearing from you sometime soon!

    Take care of you and your family ;)

  7. Man, that is a bummer about the injury. Hope your XT works out well for you.

  8. Hope you heal quickly Paul, we'll definitely miss you! But we have to keep having lunch together sometimes too. :)

  9. Oh no Paul! I'm really sorry about Ragnar!!

    If you recover well and want to go for a fast time in Berlin then don't worry about me. I'd totally understand! It's no problem for me to pace myself round the course.

    See you in around 22 days :-)

  10. Paul sorry to hear about your calf. Hope you feel better soon

  11. Sorry to hear about your calf again. No fun!! You should ask your old PT about dry needling that calf from time to time to get the knots out of it, perhaps.


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