Sunday, September 16, 2012

2 weeks to Berlin!

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm back running. I seem to be doing ok. Normally I would be tapering but actually I'm ramping up a bit since I've not been running for two straight weeks+.

Saturday I did an easy 5-ish and felt just fine, so Sunday I decided to go for 9+. It was warm when I went out in the afternoon by Ca. standards...70F and 60% humidity with pretty much full sun. 

it was a good run..I had no issues with the calf. I did find a trigger point way up near theop the previous night which I rolled with the stick and that made it sore a bit but on Sunday it was ok..doesn't seem related to my previous problems anyway.

The heat did not bother me as much as it might have in times of yore. I went out saying I should stay under 9:44 m/m (4:15 pace) and did that. I felt like I could have done another 10 but a full marathon at MP would have been tough at that temp and humidity for sure. Hopefully Berlin will be cool on race day...different weather sites say different things so far.

During the Sunday run I did think about my Ragnar friends out there finishing up ..that last leg of mine was surely HOT one just as I figured: If it was 70F in Palo Alto it was probably 85F in Napa coming up the Silverado Trail...ouch. I'll find out the story on Monday.  

Date Miles   Pace    BPM WHR% Cad   Elev+   Elev-   YPB
2012-09-13 Thu 4.8 10:30 115.2 56.74 84.8 46.9 53.9 1.459
2012-09-15 Sat 5.2 10:15 116.3 57.63 85.0 20.2 20.9 1.480
2012-09-16 Sun 9.4 9:42 125.7 65.29 85.6 83.3 61.8 1.452
Summary 19.4 10:02 120.4 60.99 85.2 150.4 136.6 1.461

So, luckily, I'm feeling ready for Berlin...yay! far so good! I will continue running at MP or slower and rack a few more  miles before we leave. This should be my taper but after two+ weeks of only XT I think I'll be better off with a few miles down before race day 8/. Nothing too long or fast though.

I bought a couple of cowbells from for Toni and Latimer (Lynne's son)  to use during the race. They don't seem to use cowbells in Europe (except for ski races which is where the whole idea come from  !?) this will make it easy for us to find them..a very distinctive sound!  8). It may still not work with 1,000,000+ spectators out there during the race 8). 


  1. So, I'm not the only one who likes to hear the cow bells. Seems like it really annoys some, but gets smiles from most. Only time I don't like them is when I'm miles from the finish and having a bad day.

    Good luck in Berlin.

  2. Best of luck to you my friend...I hope you have a wonderful experience !

  3. Is this your first international marathon? So exciting! Good luck and stay healthy.

    1. Nope..copenhagen was my first. But this is a biggy

  4. Latimer is going to love the cowbells :-)

    I'm really looking forward to Berlin!! I'm with you....this is a 'biggy' :-)

  5. "More cowbell...."
    Love that skit from SNL :).
    Berlin's one of the biggies...I hope you have a fantastic time!!!

  6. So glad to hear you are running again - good luck in Berlin!


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