Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Playing with fire...

Later than evening after  my 13.1 time trial on Sunday I noticed my throat was a little scratchy...and I remembered my HR had been a bit higher than usual that morning and it wasn't particularly great during the run either.

Monday and Tuesday my throat felt like I was coming down with something for sure. I bagged Tuesday's 5 mile base run just to be safe. The last time I didn't listen to my body in a case like this I came down with a full blown cold.

Come dawn Wednesday (today) I laid in bed and tried to figure out what to do. I had a tempo run on the schedule with 3x12 min at 10k pace (8m/m). Should I do it? Should I not run at all again? Maybe do the base run I skipped instead?

It was raining cats and dogs yesterday but this morning there was some sun and it was not raining so I decided to do the run. My throat had some crud in it but it wasn't hurting so I figured it would clear out once I got up and going.

There was a rainbow out during the run which I hoped was a good sign.

It went well...I felt pretty strong...some lingering effects from Sunday (some soreness on the outside of my right glute/hip) but not too bad and I didn't feel sick or anything. (But during the actual run you almost always feel a lot better...the real impact comes later.....that night or the next day.)

Split Dist Pace HR % WHR Cad YPB
1 1.00 9:38 115 56.6 89 1.589
2 1.00 7:58 136 73.8 92 1.624
3 0.51 7:55 137 74.6 91 1.624
4 0.31 9:46 121 61.5 86 1.495
5 1.00 8:01 133 71.3 90 1.651
6 0.51 7:59 135 73.0 89 1.630
7 0.32 9:53 121 61.5 85 1.449
8 1.00 8:00 134 72.1 90 1.640
9 0.51 8:12 139 76.2 90 1.539
10 0.96 10:24 117 58.2 85 1.442
Sum 7.12 8:43 127.7 67.0 89.1 1.578

It did rain on me a little bit during the run but nothing too bad. The HRs were quite I hope that means I'm not going to get worse.

I have a good long time until race day so even if I caught a cold I could make the race..but I would lose my chance at a fast time.

These are the tough calls you have to make ...push push push...back off a touch, and push hard to know what to do. 

Crossing my fingers!


  1. I've been there so many times. Like you said, you never feel bad during the run, it's after. I've taken the approach any more that if I feel legitimately sick, I just rest for a few days. It seems to ward off the downward spiral. Hope you are in the clear!

  2. Take tons of Vitamin C and don't stress about getting a cold. You won't lose much if you have to miss a day....better to miss an easy day but nevertheless, better to rest and get rid of the crud.

    Crossing my fingers for you, too!

  3. You probably did the right thing by running. Any time you can get the crowd moving outbound, it's a good thing!

  4. Feel better! The crud is making its rounds in my house and I am afraid I will be getting it soon. NO!

  5. I'll echo Jill -- take tons of Vit C! Fingers crossed you don't get sick.

  6. I know it might not anything persay, but I still like Airborne when I'm either sick or on the verge of getting - its a ton of vitamins and minerals all combined. Make sure to drink a lot of water with it, since it is very concentrated. Good luck!

  7. The decision to make the run seemed sound. You felt a bit better. However, like you said, one always feels ok during a run, but sometimes the run down feeling comes later. Hope you feel good this evening.

  8. It's tough to know when to work out and when to pull back when sick. Feel better.

  9. I live by the rule: if in doubt, skip the run. It is hard sometimes but I stick to it. Hope you are better already. Vitamin C it is!


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