Tuesday, April 24, 2012

5 days to Eugene!

The weather is still looking good. Accuweather and Weather.com, I prefer the latter (cloudy).

I was invited by a local blog friend to run in this:

~200 miles, 2 vans, 12 people x 3 legs each,  running non-stop day and night from the Marina in SF to Calistoga up at the north end of Napa Valley.

Should be fun! It will be two weeks before the Berlin marathon, so it will make a nice substitute for the final long run.  (I'm not planning a big training buildup for Berlin...really want to soak up the experience there)

It is a new challenge to figure out pacing for a race such as this. If you are running three 10k runs, you obviously need to dial back the pace ;)

Running in the dark will also be a first! (you have lights)


  1. Glad everything is looking good for Eugene! And Berlin will be awesome! (so will Ragnar but I'm more excited about Berlin for you)

  2. I've done two relays: one on a very competitive team; the other on a very relaxed team - what a difference. I ran my hardest on the first one on every leg and surprisingly did better on my 3rd leg with a sprained ankle. Haha! You're going to have a blast. Just note that you will not sleep during the relay and will require a lot of extra sleep to prep for Berlin the following week. It took me a lot longer than just an extra night to catch up, took almost a week.

    Hooray for great Eugene weather! :)

  3. Berlin? Very green with envy here. I simply loved Germany in the 80s. Switzerland would be a close 2nd. Looking forward to reading that post too and seeing the pics!

  4. How fun! I think a relay would be a great experience.

  5. I know people who ran the Ragner near where I live and they had a blast! GL in Eugene!

  6. A Napa Valley relay? Sounds fun!

  7. Eugene weather is looking good :-)

    I was thinking of trying for a sub 4 in Berlin but I don't want to have to train so much and I prefer to have fun while running.

    I might try and see if I can keep up with you :-)

    1. Re:sub-4 you have LOTS of time before training for more speed.

      Meanwhile you are gradually building endurance and strength. 8)

      You can try to keep up with me...but I have never had to stop for a port-a-loo break! 8-P

      I will be taking LOTS of pictures during that race, I'm sure!

    2. Ahhhh but after my port-a-loo trips I speed up my pace to catch up again :-)

  8. Godo luck at Eugene! As they saw at the rodeo - Git-R-Done!

    Ragnar relay does sound fun!

  9. Have fun and good luck in Eugene. You've got it.


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